Paul Harrell and the Beretta 92

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Aug 11, 2011
N.C. I'm leaning towards the Beretta 92, but the Taurus 92SS has gotten my attention..and it's basically a Beretta 92 with the safety moved to the frame, and a couple more refinements and it's about $100 cheaper on Budsgunshop website. Taurus bought the Beretta tooling in the 70's when Beretta closed their Brazilian plant, and the Taurus gets some very good reviews as well. Does anyone have any experience/opinions on the Beretta vs Taurus 92's? This will be a range toy and won't be carried. I like Paul Harrells informative videos.
Have you ever shot one before? I would do that first. I used to have a Beretta 96........same gun, but double action only and in .40 SW. Didn't take long for me to sell it. For me, the grip was unwieldy and the recoil felt very "spongy". Like a marshmallow. I greatly prefer recoil to be "snappy" such as in my 1911s, or my Steyrs.......or Rugers.........pretty much anything else. That said, many love them.
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Quality control on Taurus is sometimes less than fantastic. If it is going to be used at the range only...
This... My local dealer told me that he would sell me one but that any warranty issues are between me and Taurus. I have a 92 FS. Love it. Fits me perfect.
Have an early Taurus 9MM Beretta clone 17 round clip. shoots well. But frankly its a long step down from my current Sig 226. A few dollars more buy you so much more gun for your money. But then you're only betting your life on it.
I have a very early 80's Taurus 92 and it has been flawless. I use surplus M9 mags with the notch filed bigger and never have any FTF ever.
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Please don't buy Taurus unless you want to support a company that makes no investment in their customer service quality. I have a Taurus polymer gun currently trapped in their repair purgatory over the Carter class action lawsuit. Some guys waited 2 years for Taurus to issue them a new gun. If you search around you can get a Beretta 92FS or a commercial M9 for $500 shipped and you'll have the real deal.
I wasn't a big Beretta 92 fan. I got a good deal on one Christmas Eve in a Pawn Shop. Bought one for $250.00 out the door. I absolutely love the gun. It's fantastic, not to be confused with the 96 which has issues. I have shot and held Taurus and they are not the same gun. It's like comparing a Taurus revolver to a Smith. It's close, no cigar. Buy a real 92 and I am sure you will love it.
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With good, clean used Berettas ~$300, I'd want the Taurus at $200 to be price competitive. Then I'd still buy the Beretta. wink As mentioned, the grip is large. Have you fired one? Bud's Guns has police turn-in 92S (mag release on heel) for $300 delivered.
I carefully considered the Beretta 92FS against the CZ 75BD and went with the CZ. Very similar in looks, size and features and both are accurate and reliable. The CZ 75BD has a decocker without a manual safety, and the CZ 75B has a manual safety on the frame. Might want to make the comparison. I paid $575 at my local shop for my BD.
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My first handgun was a Beretta 92FS. Hands prefer a 1911 but I have shot the snot out of my Beretta 92FS. Never had an issue so far. Was told the Beretta likes to run a little on the wet who knows...never shot a Taurus.
Have you at least handled the two pistols to see if one feels better to you? I picked up a Taurus 92 AFS several years back for $379. It's the duo tone model with the stainless slide and black barrel. Very nice looking and I've had zero issues with it. But it's up to you and which one you want. Seems like the price on the Taurus pistols has dropped a bit over the years which is nice but really the Beretta isn't that much more IMO. My LGS is selling them on sale for like $529 right now. I've seen the Taurus 92 on sale as low as $299 at times and the stainless for just a little more. Handle them, shoot them if you can. I wouldn't tell you which to buy, just that my PT92 has been good to me.
I have a few Taurus guns. Two 9mm and two revolvers. ..a .38 snub nose revolver and a 4" .357. All have worked flawlessly. I carry the .38 and it's as reliable and accurate as my old off duty Colt Detectives Special albeit one round less in capacity. I just ordered the stainless PT92 last night. $416 out the door. I have PT92C which is a somewhat rare gun. It has a shorter grip and less capacity than the full size model. Both are too big for practical carry. I have Smith and Rugers as well as my Colt. The Taurus I own are just fine. In fact, the trigger on my Taurus 65 is better than the one on my Smith 686.
The 92FS at Buds is described as the Italian model. PSA doesn't mention whether theirs is Made in Italy or the USA. Some say the Italian model is the one to buy, others say they are identical. IDK.
I had a 98FS for years, shot it a lot and it was superb. My oldest got his when he earned his shield and he's still carrying it. Also had (VERY briefly) the Taurus version 92 - P O S . . . I've shot a number of Taurus guns over the years, rentals, those of friends and acquaintances, and have found them to be one step up from a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Otherwise, there were none of them that I would have staked my life on. If you want it as a range plinker, fine, just hope it doesn't break because I haven't met anyone yet who had any positive feedback from Taurus customer 'service'. Also ask if you'd stake your life on such a gun. I wouldn't.
I own both guns. My Taurus is a Pre railed one. My 92 is Italian. Both have been dead reliable. Yes the safety is in a better place on the Taurus, but side by side the Beretta is a better gun. Make sure you hold the Beretta first though. The grip is a bit chunky and some complain about the reach to the trigger. If you have small hands/short fingers, you may not like it. The falling block design makes for a slick feeling action that is soft shooting versus most Browning tilt barrel systems. I would convert the safety over to the G Decock only configuration if using for carry or defense.
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.... Does anyone have any experience/opinions on the Beretta vs Taurus 92's? This will be a range toy and won't be carried.
Yes, I have several of the open slide Beretta in multiple calibers, and the open slide Taurus in 9 and .40. I prefer the 9 mm Taurus over the Beretta, because of the frame mounted safety on the Taurus. 380 and below in the Beretta get you a frame mounted safety, but above that you get the dreadful slide safety or no safety. The finish is a bit better on the Beretta, but that's not a big deal to me - I'm not a gun snob. Fit and function is fine - I've never had one of the Tauri malfunction. Not sure what Taurus is presently importing, but you were much more likely to find short barrel lengths ( i.e. Centurion ) or extended capacity in the Taurus. With Beretta, you are at the whim of what they decide to import and when. Stuff comes and goes. Beretta is my favorite firearm, I have a bunch of them, but in this instance, I prefer the Taurus. YMMV.
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