Painted Caliper Safe Cleaning Product ?

Jul 14, 2020
I generally keep the factory alloy wheels on my Jaguar clean by just using brushes and car wash soap and doing so often so the brake dust doesn't build up. But the factory red painted calipers have some dust buildup in the nooks and crannies. I'm thinking they will need some kind of cleaner sprayed on them and then be worked over with a long handled parts cleaning brush once the gunk is dissolved. I have some Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner and it says that it is safe for all wheel finishes and painted brake components.

But I'm scared to try it if there is a less harsh and proven safe method. Does anyone have suggestions of known safe cleaning solutions for factory painted calipers before I break out the Meguiars ?
Can't say I'm the best at cleaning these types of things, but Turtlewax wheel and tire cleaner with a detailing brush works very well. Depending on the amount of brake dust is how much one needs to reclean or scrub. One might even use the brake clean in spots and touch up afterwards. Although these calipers were painted with Por-15 blue, then the wife says she now wants them red and this would be an all day job as the paint would need to set up for at least 8 hours before driving. Do not use spray paint to do this. A soft foam bush and dab the paint on to the calipers.
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Meguires waterless wash and wax or equivalent is what i use on painted calipers. Not harsh.
The Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner works pretty good. I used it on the brake parts before a brake job to tidy things up. It changes color as it works. I went over things about three times using a soft brush to help loosen the grime. It didn't get things spotless, but it was sure a lot cleaner to work on. A few more applications and a stiffer brush could have probably got things spotless, but I figured it would just get messed up again being brake stuff. It didn't seem to have any negative effects on painted/plated/clear coated stuff in the area.
For cleaning I use this stuff. Harley-Davison recommends it on all of their motorcycles because it doesn’t harm the paint, chrome, or wires. It goes on very foamy. Just leave it on for about 30-seconds and then rinse it off. It works very well on my wheels and brembos as it just melts the brake dust and grime away.

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All you need is Purple power. Buy some concentrated purple power. They are cheap compared to stuff made by car detailing companies.

Dilute it with water, spray it on the caliper, get a brush and agitate it. Then rinse.

Purple power works great on wheels, wheel wells, calipers, and just about anything you can imagine. It’s just a disgreaser, non abrasive.

No need to buy “special wheel cleaners”. Most detailing products are straight up money grab. I hate Adams, because they got cleaners made “specifically for calipers only” and also cleaners specifically made for lug nuts, and ones for wheel wells, ones made just for caliper bolts, ones just for the spokes, and ones just for the barrel, and etc. Well I exaggerated a lot, but you get what I mean. It’s ridiculous. Sorry for the rant.

Purple power won’t harm anything, and it works great on everything.

After cleaning, put some ceramic coating on it, makes future washes a breeze.
The Meg’s All Wheel Cleaner will do a great job on your calipers and is safe to use. I just cleaned the calipers on the Alfa and am happy with the results. Spray, let sit for a few minutes, scrub with a brush, rinse off heavily.