Out of warranty: What's REALLY important?

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Jan 27, 2003
Pac NW
IMHO, these four things in exactly this order: 1. Engine Lubrication (Does it meet the OEM spec?) 2. Protection (I want my engines to last!) 3. Cleaning/additive packages (Can be a real+) 4. Cost/benefit ratio (Anybody can change every 3K & pay $10/quart: but, do you really need to?) So, with no problems as to whether a possible Warranty Claim is going to be compromised by wrong grade or wrong interval... My answer (in a decidedly mild climate) appears to be Penzoil 15W-40 LongLife and OEM filters (or better) for year-round use. [Wink] Opinions?
I agree on the OEM filter part. I think a synthetic is still worth considering. I am testing to see how long synthetic holds up but I believe most synthetics are good for 7500 miles. Maybe have to back up to 5000 or 6000 but still better than 3000 mile changes with dyno oil. If you plan on 3000 mile changes your selection is spot on.
4. Cost/benefit ratio (Anybody can change every 3K & pay $10/quart: but, do you really need to?)
No, not at 3k miles, but I really don't think it makes that much of a difference and really isn't worth it. I had an 87 toyota and it went 300K miles on dino, changed every 5k. I think specs. are nice to compare and talk about, but in reality, it's all overkill. It just comes down to what your looking to do. If your changing the oil every 3k, Proline would even fit the bill. [Big Grin] Well, maybe not... [Big Grin] [ February 07, 2003, 05:13 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Originally posted by Norm Olt: Opinions?
Hi Norm,,,what type Vehicle and motor and how are you going to use it,,,then a opinion will be posted [Wink]
All located in the very mild Pacific NW... '91 420SEL used as a daily 36-mile commuter: about 10-12K total miles per year '87 F250 SuperCab 460 (Carb!) with an older 13' FSC Camper used whenever I get a chance: totals about 3-4K per year '92 SVX (with the slight seal weep that actually seems to now be going away on its own after a recent 10W-30 dino change) used primarilly in late Fall to early Spring & the '84 Town Car used in the late Spring through Fall as my main 4-wheel ride. Probably 3-5K miles per year each. The 15W-40 Penzoil LongLife would seem (IMHO) to be a good year-round choice for all the above since we almost never see temps stray under 20F for more than a 24 hr. stretch: almost never see it hit 100F for more than 2 days in a row, either, and it still typically gets back down into the 60's in the pm when it does.
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