Ordering from Tim Mills

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Jul 13, 2002
Cincinnati, OH
I got a few quick questions, I read that Mills Outdoor charages a $10 handling fee for orders under $40. Is this true? Oh, and does anyone know if Tim takes American Express? Thanks!
They didn't 3 months ago when I orderd 2 tubes of 221 and a bottle of Neutra. My total was around 15 or something including shipping. Don't know about the credit cards, I paid with a visa.
I paid a fee of about $10.00 for both shipping and handling for the Neurta 131 I purchased several months ago. The staff was pleasant and easy to deal with.
Mill's doesn't take American Express. They do take Visa and Master Card. Don't know about the $10 charge for orders under $40 [I dont know] . Both of my orders have been more than that. They are great to deal with and if there is a problem they correct it immediately. They go that extra mile to satisfy their customers. I'll keep using them. It's a lot easier than driving and wasting time searching for what I want and need in various stores. Whimsey
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