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Originally posted by James Miranda:
Has anyone used or heard anything about Pitt Penn or Gearhead motor oils? I just used Gearhead 5W30 full synthetic last week and I wanted to get some user feedback on their products. Thanks.

Ive seen pitt penn at the same place ive seen bradford penn. Im wondering if both are from the bradford refineries long since abandoned by qs. pz and wh. never used it tho...but if they are from there - expect pa grade crude - high in nitroparraffinic molecules - excellent as a lubricatn
I was wondering if these stats are good:

Viscosity Index: 130
Pour Point, Deg C, D-97: -35
CCS, cP, D-4684: 2500 at -25C
MRS, D-4684: 12,800 at -35C
HTHS Viscosity, D-2887: 3.3
Flash Point, Deg C: 228
Any other opinions?


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