Old School Ignition Coil Problems

I have run across the resistor going open in the rotor also. Take an ohmeter to it. Also check continuity between the carbon brush and the coil terminal on the cap.
Well, I can't get it to start at all anymore, no matter my combination of parts. I also got new spark plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor. Haven't tried the wires yet but ran out of time. Going to try to get it into a shop. I have a dune trip planned for 3/2 and I'm probably out of time to get it into the shop.
The cap and rotor need replacing. The inside of the cap has carbon tracking (heavy) and likely cracked in a couple spots. Do not use the rotor pictured (rev limiter rotor). VW Westy owner myself (72). You need to head over to the Samba forum...

Got it back from the shop. It was a combination of the timing, coil, fouled new plugs, and apparently all these years having the wrong Pertronix electronic ignition? They said the part number it had was for a vacuum advance distributor, not an 009. Runs beautifully now, better than ever before. Taking it to the dunes on Saturday so we shall see.

Oh, they also put on another rev limiting rotor.