Old brakes...new brakes.

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Apr 13, 2013
Last week I purchased Centric rotors and Akebono pads to have installed on my Accord. My local shop installed them two days ago for only $87.00 which I was happy about (they also scratched my rims, which I am not happy about). Anyway they asked if I wanted my old parts back and I said sure! So they put them in a box in my trunk. For fun I took them out and looked at them. The rotors had the "normal" I assume, circular wear lines on them, but I didn't really see any major deposits. The pads were Car Quest pads and they had little chunks missing around the edges and were covered in brake dust. So with seemingly clean rotors why would they have vibrated like they did? The new Centric rotors and Akebono pads are great so far. Nice and smooth again! And the hubs of the rotors and the slots in between are painted, so they shouldn't rust.
Vibration from the rotors is usually from brake deposits built up on them. Hard to see and caused by inferior brake pads.
If you measure with a micrometer, you should find disc thickness variation on the old rotors.

Did you ask the shop if they cleaned the Hub flange and checked runout? Did they also index the rotor (if-needed)? What were the final runout readings?

If they failed to do all of the above, it is pretty much a guarantee that the issue will return at some point.
Thickness variation was probably your cause, as mentioned. It's generally caused by runout in the hub/rotor.
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