OK You have finally done it !

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Sep 8, 2003
Central Oregon
OK, I kept researching and researching on this site and now I am so confused by all the information I dont know what to do.

2000 Expedition 5.4L, 4WD, 56K Miles.

I did an ARX cleaning and am in the rinse phase right now with Pennzoil 5-30 dino.

I did ARX in the tranny also and just had a shop do a complete flush with Motorcraft Mercon.

I hear 5-20 then 5-30. I hear dino every 3k then synthetic every 5-6 then synthetic with bypass filtering and change when UOA says too.

Stop the madness. I want the little oil voices in my head to stop talking to me !

If this goes on much longer you may find me cowered in a corner twitching and clutching a bottle of GC !!

This truck sees very little stop and go driving. A 42 mile round trip commute to work 5 days a week and 12-15K miles a year on the ODO. It pulls toys through the mountains (travel trailer or a flatbed loaded with ATV's). It goes on old narrow rutted mountain roads in 4WD on sightseeing trips. We get winter here (0 to 40 F) and summer here (60 to 100F). Sometimes it even snows in June ! Or it can be 70 in October.

Help a brother out here.

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It all depends on what you want. If you don't mind changing your oil 4 times per year, then I'd go with dino, 5w-30 winter and 10w-30 summer. If your round trip to work is mostly highway with little stop and go, I'd go with a 4,000 to 5,000 mile oil change interval with dino.

On the other hand, your situation would also warrent 5,000 mile changes with a good synthetic 10w-30 year round, like Mobil 1. The group 3 synthetics offer little to no gain in extended drain capability over regular buck fifty a quart dino. so I guess that leaves you with Mobil 1. 5,000 to 6,000 mile drains with Mobil 1 would probably equal 4,000 to 5,000 mile drains with dino in terms of engine cleanliness and wear protection for your driving situation. If you do all stop and go all day long in cold weather, than 3,000 mile changes are your best bet.
Oh, what viscosity does your Expedition call for? If it's 5w-20, I would not hesitate using it in the winter months, but I still get a little naucious thinking about 20 weight in hot summertime weather
I'd still sleep bettter with 10w-30 in there for the summertime, especially if your doing some 4 wheelin where your engine is under high load with little to no airflow through your radiator/oil cooler. Also, your climate sounds exactly like mine here in Colorado. ie snow in June
Synthetics go way longer than 5,000 miles on a sound engine,with a bypass filter a good guess would double the longest oil change interval of the petro or the synthetic's at least. Look up the sponsers products it will help you get an answere.

Originally posted by Enigma:
We get winter here (0 to 40 F) and summer here (60 to 100F). Sometimes it even snows in June ! Or it can be 70 in October.

Help a brother out here.

Try Mobil 1 10W-30...I use it in my Fords and we have similar climates...so I think it should work good for you also...
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