Oil Selection for highly stressed turbo car

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Feb 27, 2004
I've been searching and reading for a couple of hours and decided to just register and make a post to try to get a more definitive answer. I am looking for a good synthetic for my 4 bangr turbo awd. I drive the car hard and it sees track duty about every other weekend be it at the drag strip, road course at Hallett or local autocross events. Its my everyday toy. Below is some back ground info on the car that may help you, help me make the right decision.

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 6 bolt 2.4L long rod (156mm) stroker using G64B block and 100mm crank. 9.0:1 Ross forged pistons, Pauter rods, 61mm P trim turbo w/ dry housing (no water). HKS 272 cams, headwork blah blah. You probably get the picture by now. It holds about 6 quarts with the oil cooler. 18-20 psi daily on pump gas and it sees upwards of 32 psi on c16 at the track.

I just recently finished this engine and am almost finished with break in and wanting to run synthetic. From reading previous posts it looks like Redline, Motul, Amsoil and Royal Purple would all be good choices. But I am a bit stuck on which weight to run. I live in the South and it get hot and humid here in the summer. But never really goes below 10F in the winter. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and thanks for your time. Sorry if this post is a bit wordy. Just trying to provide all the info I can so that you guys can help me.


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Right now it has about 1400 on it. I started with SAE 30 for the first start up, idle, and 20 mile run in. So thats 3 changes in the first 20 miles, then went another 80 miles on SAE 30 then to 10W-30 dino.

An ester oil in my opinion is a better choise but since you have an oil cooler a good PAO oil changed regularly would be OK.
Weights, 10W40 or higher.
One more that's a good candidate is Synergyn. They make some very nice low-vis oils..like 3W-30..that show very low wear and good stability, but any of the above will be a good choice.
Jeff, I believe after using M1 for decades and reading and participating in this forum for a few months, that Red Line is as good as engine (and gear) oil gets*. I'd use either 10W-40 or 15W-50 (both of which achieve their excellent viscosity indexes without the addition of VI improvers). I think with an oil-only-cooled turbocharger, you need all the hi-temp viscosity and film strength you can buy without having cold-start problems, so I'd go with the 15W-50. RL's 15W-50 has 14% higher HTHS viscosity than M1's 15W-50, and its 'normal' hi-temp viscosity is about 6% higher.

Of course, we're splitting hairs here; M1 and other group-4-base-oil synthetics are all very good engine oils, and M1's 15W-50 probably will do just finely. But I'd still go with RL, and I am indeed putting my money where my mouth is.

* and just-arrived is a case of RL 5W-40 that'll replace the M1 0W-40 in my Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Get it from one of this site's sponsors, MyOilShop.com. It's only $7/ or $6.30/quart in 1- or 2-case lots.

Originally posted by Motorbike:
Of all the oils available for this application my choice would be the Synergyn 3w-30 or 5w-30 . They are **** for stout oils and more than up to the task here . Priced right as well. If the bottom end is set on the hi-side , the 5w-30 .

Clickey me for groovy oil data

BTW , what kinda power will this motor make ?

This setup should be around 400whp on pump gas and well into the 530whp range on c16. The turbo is the limiting factor really and seems to run out of compressor in this area on the 2.3's and 2.4's. Last year before I started on this engine the I was running the stock displacement of 2.0L and making 473whp on a slightly smaller turbo and race gas. The nasty car is the red 1G on my site. 2.3L stroker but using a T66-P Trim.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys, I really appreciate it. This place is great. I'll be sticking around to learn from you guys if you dont mind. Thanks again.

Redline, Synergyn, or Mobil 1 R would be my choices. RL 10w-30 or 5w-40.
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