Oil recommendation for 2017 Ram 5.7 Hemi

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I run Napa 5w20. Made by Valvoline and supports local business. Valvoline claims it exceeds Chrysler specs as well as stands behind it. Just as an extra bonus it saves me money. I also run Napa Gold filter.
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I Use 5w/20 PP with Mopar filter 114/k miles, 2012 5.7 no issues With rebates from Auto Zone & Pennzoil $8.00 a jug.
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Just purchased a 2017 Ram Crew Cab 1500 Laramie with a 5.7 Hemi. I was all se to buy a f-150 with the Eco-boost but the dealer gave me a really good price. The engine is bigger then what I needed. First what oil recommendation? It's still under warranty so I am thinking it has to have the Chrysler oil requirement? I was hoping to stick with Valvoline. I am new to dodge I was a Ford man. Can you give me any information on the Hemi? It would be greatly appreciated.
go to ram forum and learn weaknesses on the hemi, mainly cans and lifters and see what guys are doing for lubrication. It's a bunch of who shot John to suggest the mds requires 20 weight oil, half the forum uses 5w30 w/o any issues. Those cams are starved at idle, keep warm idle to a minimum, maybe tune up idle with a tuner. 8 speed is a mixed bad, great to have the engine in good rpm's most of the gears, but they preheat the fluid and to een check the fluid is a two week process, slightly joken but not by much. Hemi's are probably the highest wear engines out there, look at the uoa's. Pennzoil is very poplular, PUP 0w40 is being added into the mds engines for the extra moly. you may want to do a uoa to see how your hemi is doing, but you may want to wait til 30k miles.
I have a '17 Ram Crew Cab with the 5.7L--I'm currently using Pennzoil Platinum 5w-20 with a Fram TG 10060 oil filter. My next change (this spring) will be the same combination because I have it already in my stash. After that (this fall), I'll likely move to Valvoline Advanced full syn 5w-20 going forward. I have no complaints with the Pennzoil products, except for their constant mishandling of rebates. Regarding the talk of cam / lifter failures. . . they do happen, but seem to be rare, albeit somewhat exaggerated in forums . I'm not worried about running 5w-20 in my 5.7L--it seems to run well on it without any unusual mechanical engine sounds. I did have one instance last year when the truck had less than 5000 miles on it where the engine made a loud tapping sound on a cold start-up--it hasn't happened since and I chalk that up to a lifter bleeding down over a period of a few days. Enjoy the new Ram!
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You can use whether 5W20 on sale the HEMI really does not care.
Completely true. My sig car's 6.1 Hemi is at 110k miles now and running stronger than ever on a crankcase full of M1 0W-40, the factory recommended weight. Our 14 Ram 5.7 is almost 90k miles and runs perfectly quiet and smooth on PP 5w-20. Just not fussy about oil at all, and a wide range of weights still work fine even with MDS...
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Esso is Mobil. We may have some "domestic" blends of it, but it's the same company.
Yes. Our Esso HDEOs disappeared with the CJ-4 rollout and were replaced with Mobil Delvac, with a lot of Imperial Oil literature showing the equivalents. Most Esso gasoline lubes started to disappear with SM and were gone by SN. You can still get Esso washer fluid and probably brake fluid and antifreeze.
I've been running Mobil 1 AFE 0W/30 in my '16 Ram Limited Hemi. I feel it's a little bit of a between the 5w/20 and 5w/30 options lol. Does great in the truck.