Oil Quality and UOA's

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Dec 28, 2003
I have never lost an engine to wear. I lost one to sludge. Many of your comments focus on wear metals and staying in grade etc. I think there may be a whole other story that is not apparent to everyone. I've not done a uoa to try and compare motor oils because I don't feel a need to do that. I will do a uoa to check engine health. I know that no one is going to reveal any trade secrets, but I think being able to interpret the engine cleanliness factor is paramount. I like low wear, but I also want clean innards. I think there is a balance between wear and cleanliness. Much of the discussion here neglects that factor. Comments???? You all jump on an oil as being great because of low wear numbers, but we don't know what else is happening inside. It no fun to have your cake or to eat it too.
Of the three UOAs that I've done with Redline oil, the the highest soot/insolubles level has been <.01 . The person who interpreted the UOA stated "that's one clean engine".
You are right on, except that you can tell how the oil AND engine is doing. Both are obtainable goals with basic trended UOA, IF properly interpreted. Engine cleanliness follows wear then sneeks up and jumps on wear increasing it when you least expect it unless the oil is catastrophically failing from within or from a mechanical abnormality. Take a look at oilcanboyds low wearing Honda with GC 0w-30 and look at the underside of the valve cover. If one of my customers has that it is because they didn't follow my guidance. I'm a perfectionist and want it all, low wear, "eat off it" clean machines.
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