Oil for zero turn mower?

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Aug 17, 2014
Do you own a zero turn mower? I'm curious to know what type of oil you use, and why?
Also, please mention why it is that you use the type of oil you use?
Rotella 15W-40 in my John Deere 757. It's a solid, inexpensive oil that works well. It has over 1600 hours on it.

I also use the same oil for the hydraulics, and I use the same oil for 4 Ford N tractors so I always have some on hand.
I use amsoil mct 10w 30 motorcycle oil or when they don't have that the hdd 5w 30 diesel. Both have stout zinc levels and a strong tbn. I like these for these carbed engines.
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A 10w30 high mileage synthetic like Mobil 1 High Mileage will have a good upper end viscosity plus the older api SL rating allows it to be loaded with anti wear additives. The deciding factor there is you can buy 5 quart jugs at Walmart for $25 or less. That will give you more than one oci for a huge bang for the buck.

Many people use Rotella T6 5w40 for the same reason, it's thick and loaded but because it's got diesel api specs. Personally I feel t6 is overkill in air cooled engines and the 10w30 synthetic should flow better on startup than a 5w40 synthetic.

Plenty of choices though.
Rotella T 10w-30.

Had to take the valve covers off at 2000+ hours to replace leaky gaskets, and it was as clean as new under the valve covers. It was all that I needed to see.
Follow the manual. Too many opinions here with no scientific data to back up claims.
For my 2010 model year Cub Z-Force ZTR with 20hp Kohler Courage V-twin, Cub Cadet recommended Rimula 15w40 for the Hydrogear ZT2800 drives AND the engine.

Obviously Kohler sticks with the generic 10w30 recommendation like they have for decades.

I used Rotella 15w40 because it's an easy to source, relatively inexpensive oil that's proven to work well for so many applications.
According to the kawasaki manual I have determined that 15w 40 is what's best here in florida.
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According to the kawasaki manual I have determined that 15w 40 is what's best here in florida.

Can I ask what brand Zero Turn and what Kaw engine FR FS FX???
Delo XLE 10w 30 in JD Kawasaki. The Delo is a syn blend, looks good spec wise and cheaper than Rotella where I live.
My Kohler 26hp Zero Turn Crafstman runs on Amsoil Formula 4-stroke small engine oil, 10w-30/SAE30. After 5 years here in Minnesota mowing about 5 acres every 2 weeks, May-Sept, it still doesnt burn any oil. I change it once a year.
I see that supertech synthetic oil doesn't offer 15w 40 . That is prob. the lowest priced full synthetic oil. With that being said, I haven't made up my mind.
I've used Supertech 30wt HD in my kawasaki FD501V since I bought it new in 1998. 1.5 acre most every week March through October...and pulling a Cyclone Rake several times every fall for leaf pickup. No oil consumption ever and still runs as good as new after 16 years. Supertech is a very good oil.
I think I'm going to start using a fully synthetic oil. I just haven't decided which one.
JD F510 front mower with a 14 hp Kawasaki engine/hydraulic unit. They share the same oil. It ran very hot when I first got it. Added an oil cooler and that helped a lot. I use 0w40 Mobil 1. Change it once a year before storage. But I only change half the capacity.

When you drain it, the first two quarts comes out of the hydraulic unit and stops draining. Then when you add another two quarts the engine oil goes into the hydraulic unit and the engine gets new oil, hydraulic unit gets the used engine oil.

I use to change all 4 quarts every year but the engine oil never looks bad at about 50 hours a year so I only do the two quarts.
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