oil for new 2.0l Ecoboost

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It has a Turbo Direct Injection engine. I'd go the full synthetic route myself. I'd use Pennzoil Platinum in it as it is Dexos 1 gen 2 and the only easily obtainable oil that also meets ACEA A5/B5 at the same time. A 5 qt jug at Wal-Mart is reasonable.
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What oil would be the best oil for a 2.0l Ecoboost? Was thinking of running the Motorcraft 5w30 Syn blend. thanks
A quality 5-30 synthetic would be my choice over a semi-syn.
I don't know why Ford don't make stricter standards of what oil goes in there Eco-Boost. But I agree with earlier postings, go with a Dexos1 Gen2 oil, and make sure its a full synthetic. Most Dexos1 Gen2 are Full Synthetic, but there are a few semi-synthetics that do pass for that. Its not required by Ford, but I would do it. To keep the warranty intact, make sure also passes the approiate Ford specs. which most Dexos1 Gen2 oils usually also has that.
Must meet the Ford spec. How long are you going to run it for? I bought several jugs of Shell from HD on sale. Meets the Ford spec and I change it last at 5000 miles. If I do go longer I will look for a full syn.
I would go with Motorcraft as it meets ford specs and warranty will not be an issue. Remember, Pennzoil is owned by nations that support terrorism
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oilchangeguy The Ford dealership where I take my wife's Lincoln MKC uses the Motorcraft 5w30 Syn blend. It seems to work great on her car. _________________________
I just dumped the Syn blend out of my 2017 Buick Regal GS with the 2.0 Turbo, went with Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 and Wix filter. cheers
Use any quality 5W30 blend or synthetic. Pay no attention to the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor.All you need to know about it is how to reset it at after every 5,000 mile oil change interval. Notice what I drive?
Per Ford Rep, reason Ford Specs Blends for ECOBOOST , is the use of a HEAT EXCHANGER installed for, both coolant + lube to warm up @ same time . When you spend 10 Billion dollars on Ecoboost products since inception , you do your homework first . Personally Using Castrol MAGNATEC on wife Escape Ecoboost .Great results . Happy New Year ,Thank you Gentemen .
I'm running Mobil 1 5W30 and a Motorcraft oil filter. Found out after the fact that the 5W30 M1 oils (and some other M1 viscosities) are low calcium which is supposed to reduce the chance of LSPI. Do not know if the Ecoboost engines are susceptible to LSPI, but the low calcium can't hurt.
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