Oil for my Dodge Ram V10

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Mar 31, 2003
I drive my RAM about 2k mi/yr. (at 9 mpg I prefer to use it only for hauling/4X4 use/etc vs. normal commuting). Oil gets changed annually. I've used M1 10W-30 since it was new but it seems a waist to change out all 7 qts at only 2kmi. What dino oils do well in a V10?? I'm wondering if the fleet oils like Longlife or Delo are too thick at 15W-40? Would Chevron Supreme 10W-30 be a good choice or should I just stick with M1?
I keep doing that. I wouldn't want a 15W-40 in there in the middle of a record Winter. I still might change the filter and top up at 6 months. I think M1 10W-30 fits your situation. [Big Grin]
I would stick to a 10w30 since the engine has low miles. As for dino or syn, take your pick, there will be arguments for both. [ April 13, 2004, 12:54 PM: Message edited by: mikemc ]
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