oil for a chevy that sits a lot

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Dec 14, 2002
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Hi, I have a 98 Chevy S-10 ZR2 that I really love. It isnt the most comfortable for driving long trips that I drive, nor does it get the MPG that I want (thus I also have a 1983 MB turbodiesel [Smile] ), but I love the truck, and want to keep it for a long time. My concern is 'offtime' oil protection. The truck gets driven at least once a week, and the trip is always at least 15 miles (my criteria), and of course gets used for truck stuff, like hauling big stuff, etc. Usage not considered, I am trying to figure out the best oil for the truck to protect it when it is sitting. The truck gets about 6K miles per year, so doing a change every 3 mnths is dumb. However, I dont want combustion byproducts or condensation buildup, etc. to harm the engine. Oil stability and robust additive packages make me think Synthetic is the better choice, since Id like to only change the oil twice a year without worrying that stuff in the oil may cause harm, or that the oil may degrade and provide inferior protection. So then its the question of type. I currently have Rotella Synthetic in there (Its 5w-40, the enngine requests 5w-30) because I figure the diesel oils have a better additive package to combat bad stuff. However, with Rotella price back up at Walmart, and Mobil 1 price down to $3.54/qt at my wal-mart, it seems like a better choice, and I can get it in a 0w-30 and 5w-30 type. Are the additive packages in diesel vs gas oils going to make much difference in the scenario of 15+ mile trip, lots of sitting, 15+ mile trip, etc? Thanks JMH [ February 03, 2003, 05:09 PM: Message edited by: JHZR2 ]
I think Mobil1 10W-30 would be a god choice. I put about 5K miles on my Toyota Truck and I use the 10W-30 Mobil oil with a once a year oil change and a filter in between. Oil analysis was good.
I agree with Al, however, I think Delvac 1, Amsoil S2000 have stronger additives to them. I'm not sure about regular Amsoil 5w-30 but my guess would be it is similar to M1.
regarding the 10w-30, my truck calls for 5w-30. I am always a bit worried about using heavier oils (In general) because they can be slower to flow throughout. I dont know how much af a problem this is, does 10w-30 provide better protection? Regarding Delvac1, I have it, get it for $21.66/gal from my local CAT dealer. But thats way expensive. Are the additives that make it superior that much diffrent from the ROtella Synth diesel oil, or for that matter, are the additive purposes and protective measures that I need in this application situation (I dont know what these are, though)really higher in the diesel oil, or are they perhaps similar or less than for a more gas biased oil like mobil1? Thanks
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