Oil for 2013 Honda CR-V

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Jan 15, 2009
Pacific NW
I just got a CR-V. Honda says use 0W20 oil after break-in. I have a 5W30 I would prefer to use. I have been researching a bit and have found a couple of people that say that 5W30 is fine. Honda uses 0W20 in the US only to improve fleet MPG. Can anyone provide some information on the impact of the different oil (if any)? I am guessing a bit lower mileage is possible; but I can live with that.
Lower MPG is probably all. But honestly, 0W-20 will NOT hurt the K24 at all. I'd just use that.
Every car you see in my signature block has been on a diet of M1 EP 5W-30 with Purolator filters since birth. I am still on the thicker is better hornets train, but that's just me. CRV is at about 92K right now and that engine, minus some good ol' Oklahoma dust, looks brand new. No oil leaks or residue coming from any part of that engine. I too just don't get a warm fuzzy with these new 0 weighted oils.
If you're asking about the impact of a different grade oil why even use it? FWIW, the K series has been specd for 20 weight oil since 2001 (when it debuted in the CRV) in every application it's been in with the exception of the civic si and TSX. I don't really see the point in using a different grade than what has been used for 13 years now, from the get go. No, I doubt you'd hurt anything but I don't see the point.... especially in your climate. I'd be most worried about warranty hassles if you did have a problem.
I just did the first OC in my Accord. I used 1.4 quarts of M1 0w40 and 2.8 quarts of M1 0w20AFE. Gives you a nice 30 weight oil. The lower cold viscosity will help your engine at start up for sure. I think the 30 weight at operating temps will help it too (vs. the 20 weight).
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If you really want to use the 5w30 go for it... It is not going to harm anything. Infact I would probably use a 5w20 in that engine since it's easier to find than 0w20. That would be my only reason.
I had some on hand and used it for the first oil change. Not the least concerned about using it. Have since got PP on sale in 0-20 and goes in next. Still have some PU on hand in 5-20 and may add that in, a little along to use it up.
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Been running 5W-30 in my '08 CR-V for a couple years now. Never saw any significant decline in gas mileage over 5W-20, and the engine is a little less clattery now.
You can easily run 5w30 in your CR-V with no issues, as many here do. You "may" experience lower mpg, although I highly doubt you could even measure it. You may run into warranty issues though if Honda doesn't mention a 5w30 as suitable for use in your manual. Of course, this is assuming you ever have an engine issue.
The warranty issue is there of course. But I suspect if it was a problem, reference oil specs for the same engine in other countries could be a significant determinate.
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The warranty issue is there of course. But I suspect if it was a problem, reference oil specs for the same engine in other countries could be a significant determinate.
jfi, there's a more specific answer to your question concerning the non-spec oil you are considering using in response to your post on the CR-V board. See http://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/19-maintenance-service/26113-5w30-vs-0w20.html Bottom line, as others have noted here, there is no mechanical reason why you cannot use a 5W-30 weight oil in any Honda k-series motor. That said, were I you, I'd use a quality 0W-20 weight oil in your new CR-V engine through the winter months -- Honda's/COP 0W-20 is fine, as are any number of others -- and, if you're determined to use 5W-30 weight oil, I'd mix a quart or two with the recommended weight. It's belt-and-suspenders logic, but what the heck . . . .
Roob. It is my understanding that this engine has 0W20 recommended only in the US. Everywhere it uses 5W30. That would lead me to believe the engine is actually designed for 5W30 and the US (North America? eh) is only different to play with CAFE. Essentially Honda is recommending non-optimal oil to accommodate the games of our US) government. I won't change oil until the break-in period is over. Although I rather suspect that doing so immediately so the WS2 can plate the surfaces during the initial smoothing. It could yield a tighter engine WITH reduced friction. I would also be interested to know if the oil from the factory is really special for break-in. Or if that is simply [censored]. And if it is actually 0W20.
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