Oil color comparison photo


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Nov 5, 2009
Here's where 4/5 of the fleet are today w/r to color of oil and OCI progress b/c why not.

Sportwagen is running HPL secret sauce Euro 5W40 that has had the crap beaten out of it.....combined ~40 1/4 + 1/8 drag runs at the track in 90 degree heat as well as general full-send hooning in the mountains of GA. Nearing 5K this month and ~4 mos in the crankcase. I'll be changing it shortly. Mann filter.

W8 is running Liquimoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40 with 2x cans of Liquimoly MoS2. ~1700 miles on it/changed last December. You can see the MoS2 as a blackish-greyish shimmery content of the oil but it doesn't show that well on the paper towel. Hangst filter.

Focus is running Supertech Syn 5W20 and was just changed last week and has a few '00 miles on it. Supertech 20K filter.

RX350 is running Supertech Syn 5W30 and will be changed today. It has just over 5K on it and was changed last November. Supertech 20K filter.

Atlas was gone so will add that tonight and post another picture in the thread including it. It was just changed in May so somewhat fresh Liquimoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40 that has just over 1K. Mahle filter.

So I'd say clearly the new oil in the Focus is the lightest. Followed by the W8. Followed by the GSW. Followed by the RX (but only slightly) which makes sense overall based on the mileage on each oil. Will be curious how the Atlas stacks up but should look about like the W8 but a bit lighter b/c no MoS2. HPL definately lighter colored than the Supertech at the same mileage.

All samples pulled cold after vehicles sat overnight.

Disclaimer: obviously this means nothing, is not scientific, no conclusions can be drawn from the color differences, and I'm not telling you which oil is better performing based on color. It's just something I did b/c I was curious and it's fun. End comms.

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Have you ever had a TDI? Instant black as soon as you start the engine after an oil change
Never had the pleasure of owning one....not really a diesel guy but it makes sense. Test drove a new '13 MK6 TDI Golf 2-door 6spd which would have been diesel-gated but decided the fuel cost premium and cost premium didn't stand up to the Focus so went that route. I remember on the test drive thinking it was so weird to see a redline at 4.5K or whatever it is. Also remember the kid at the dealer couldn't pull the car around b/c he couldn't drive a stick..hahahahaha "I'll get it".
Ok, wife home with Atlas so I grabbed some. It was hot vs. the others cold...not sure that should matter. It's the darkest for sure at only 1400 miles into this OCI with the Liquimoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40. Also grabbed a shot of new Supertech for reference.