Oil change interval/oil rating

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Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
Two questions:
First, I use Havoline conventional 5W/20 motor oil in my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. I generally change oil every 3000 miles. Lately, I have gone 4000 miles. Any harm to going 4000 or should I go ahead and change at 3000?

Secondly, the Havoline is GF-4, which I understand to be about the same as API SM rating. The DaimlerChrysler requirement is MS-6395(?). What API rating is this equivalent to?
I might add, much of my driving is short distance (home to work, less than one mile each way). When I go out of town, not too often, it is generally 70 miles one way. I work at a school so I usually travel on the holidays (600-800 miles one way. I do this about three times per year).
From everything I have read here Havoline 5w20 is one of (if not THE) top dino oil in it's class. SD gets mighty cold and the short trip/cold starts is pretty rough on oil but I would have no problem with your 4,000 mile OCI or even 5,000 for that matter with Havoline. If you want extra protection go to synthetic or, better yet, try LC20 additive. BTW, does the manual for this vehicle call for 5w20? And what does it say regarding OCI in normal and severe conditions?
Yes, this is the only oil recommended for my vehicle. It is in the manual and on the oil filler cap. The OCI's listed in the manual are 3K (for sever) and 5K for normal driving conditions.
LC20 (Lube Control) is an oil additive and one of the few to receive full blessings here at BITG. A search here of LC20 will give you more information than you will care to read. It is suggested to put a few thousand miles on the vehicle before using it.

They say you can extend drains to 10,000 miles using LC and that is with dino, although I've never gone that far. It has a sister product called FP60 (Fuel Power) that is added to the gasoline at each fill up and is equally effective but made for the fuel system. I can tell you that Terry Dyson recommends all this stuff - enough said!
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