Oddity the other day -oil level

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May 25, 2005
west coast
96 Civic LX I just acquired the car as a commuter it has 104,000 kms on it and 3500kms on this oil (Mobil 1 5w30). So anyways I check the oil level every weekend in the same spot (flat garage in the morning) and it has never used a drop, well last weekend it was down 1/2 quart, I though that was wierd so I topped it up. Checked it this morning and it is now 1/2 quart over,no biggie which means it never was down 1/2 quart. Kinda strange, like the oil got jammed up somewhere and didn't all get into the pan.It was well maintained before the valve cover is squeeky clean in there. Maybe time for an Auto RX? I have never used this product before. It was well maintained before the valve cover is squekky clean in there.
That story's been told a few times here; once by me regarding my Dad's truck. My thought is oil is somehow getting stuck on the top of the heads and not draining back. Sure enough, Auto-RX cleared the mystery up.
Well I ordered some Auto-RX and some Amsoil 5w30 after the rinse I'll throw that in there and all should be spiffy.
Would it be stupid to wonder if the anti-drain back valve in the filter was working intermittently, assuming the filter sits sideways and not upside down?
Well after about 700kms on the Auto RX clean it hasn't shown an incorrect level, but that could be that I changed out the filter when I added the Auto RX. The filter only had 4000kms on it (Honda filter made by Fram), I suspect it was the *** fram filter although that is the first time a Fram has done that to me. I have now stocked up with Valvoline Max life filters (made by Purolator) Going to run Penzoil 5w30 for the rinse then it only gets Amsoil 5w30 ASL, for 20k km OCI's for the commute.
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