Odd wear polished edges


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada
What I post on here is my own personal experience from over 50 years of driving and vehicle maintenance. I've tried alot of different combinations and what I said, works for me. If you believe what someone else believes, go for it. But, only make comments after you have tried it first hand. Back in the day if a tire said the max pressure was 32 PSI, that's what I put in. Over-inflating a tire came at a cost. Premature wear. So I didn't do it. Nowadays tire can go up to 51 psi. I wouldn't run car tires that high , but knowing they can go up some, I experimented. It's amazing how much better your car can handle and feel on the road. with just subtle changes. After all the "engineers" that made your car won't know what type roads you drive on, or how you load it , or don't load up your car. Whether you tow a boat or a travel trailer, or a race car around thru the mountains. So you have to figure out what works best. That means adjusting tire pressures to what gives the best feel and handling. That's what I've done. But if your vehicle feels sluggish going around corners, and you can hear what sound like the tire is being dragged around corners against it's will, Even if it's filled to what Barry's book claims to be the optimum pressure, adding air to them will make a world of difference. My goals have been to get the best handling and longest life out of my tires. I do what works for me, you and Barry can do what you want.,,
Dude, he IS Barry.

It would do you a world of good to read what he's posted here, process it, and then objectively re-visit what you think you know. Doubling down on arguing with somebody far more knowledgable, and professionally qualified on this subject isn't doing you any favours. This is like watching somebody whose lifetime flight experience is periodically piloting a crop duster, argue with @Astro14 about aircraft design and flight physics.