Nokian WR vs. Hakka 2

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May 18, 2004
For your application, easy, the WRs. Hakkas with their softer more aggressive tread are better suited for back roads that city plows don't touch and/or severe climbs and decends. Plus, with 8k miles per season, they would wear too much to use again next season. The WRs are so much better than an all-season tire. I gone through 4-6 inches no problem, including steep inclines. With packed snow on the highway, 60-70mph is effortless with these tires. You biggest problem will be watching out for the cars and SUVs doing 40-45mph [Eek!] There not cheap, but will get you through 3+ seasons, then you can use then just keep them on for the rest of the tread life since they handle and noise level is like an all-season tire. Good lick!
Thanks! So you think the WRs would be "good enough", even for a 2WD pick-up? We have been having pretty mild winters in Central PA, but I do want a tire that is going to do a good job the few times we DO see ice and snow. My daily commute is 45 miles one-way down I-81, and I want a tire that will get me there safely! [Smile] The WR sounds like a fantastic choice.. I am just worried the snow performance will be lacking on the few days I really need it. MAybe I should not be concerned?
I have own the WR on two vehicles and have had Blizzacks in the past. The WR's do not lack in snow traction at all. They however do not have as much of the ice traction of a true winter tire. The slush and wet traction performance is way up there too.
You should not be concerned about WR's snow traction, even in 2WD. My g/f has them on her FWD Jetta in Wisconsin - I played around with them in the snow - they're better than my dedicated winter tires. Don't expect miracles on ice though - for that you need studded tires. For mostly snow highway driving WR is definitely the way to go though. And you could actually run them all year long if you don't feel like swapping on summer tires.
I'm alreay thinking ahead to winter, despite our recent weather in the high-80s. I'm looking at getting either the Nokian WR or the Nokian Hakka 2 for the winter months. I do a lot of highway driving (~8000 miles per winter season), and I like the fact that the WR is reported to provide long treadlife. However, I am concerned that it will not perform like a "real" snow tire. The vehicle is a 2WD Chevy Colorado Pick-up with a locking diff and traction control. Which tire would be the best choice for me, and why?
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