No more Hastings filters

Mar 20, 2008
It seems that Hastings/Baldwin's new parent company Parker acquired Clarcor, they discontinued Hastings, which redirects you to Baldwin's site. They stopped doing private labels years ago.

Hastings/Baldwin makes a slotted center tube of a different design than others use. You see other filters where the louvers aren't always fully opened, but Hastings and Baldwin don't have that problem. They're the only ones who actually know how to make louvers.

Here is an example from the Hastings LF483 (Baldwin B1416), for the Zetec (Fram 8316, Wix 51315)

Oct 13, 2008
The Old North State
....... They're the only ones who actually know how to make louvers.......
Having used many oil filters with louvered center tubes from multiple manufacturers over the last 5-6 years or so, I can say I disagree with your oft expressed opinion here. I cut open all my post use filters and generally cut the media off and shine a light source down the outlet opening as ultimate proof of functional openings. 'In my experience', I have not found an exception to the functional louver conclusion. That said, there have been what can be best described as outlier anecdote pics to that conclusion. And keeping in mind, there are always more louver openings per tube area then hole openings.

So, while one can have a preference for louvers from a certain manufacturer (Baldwin here), that is different than concluding louvers from other manufacturers aren't perfectly functional. Since the topic is Baldwin OFs, a member recently posted the Baldwin B1402, the 7317 equivalent, to be rated at 98.7%@45um, 50%@23um. That is likely worse than the Honda A02 OEM. Also in my experience, Baldwin not a readily available OF brand. To me, Hastings and Baldwin seemed interchangeable anyway so if true, not surprised the Hastings brand is done. It's been over six years since the Parker Hannifin acquired Clarcor.

As an aside, in at least one application, it seems that Fram has now joined Champ Labs, Purolator, Wix and others in using louvered tubes.