No More Chevron Supreme

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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
Found out today my local Wal-Mart is not selling Chevron Supreme anymore.I was using 10w30 in my 97F150 4.2V6.Can anyone suggest a dino oil equal to or better then Chevron?I use to use Havoline and Castrol.How is the Mobil Drive Clean dino? [Dummy!]
I usually buy Chevron Supreme at the Checker auto Parts Store, especially if it is on sale. I don't think Chevron Supreme is going away just because it is no longer sold at Wal-Mart. But if Chevron Supreme does go away, Castrol also has tested well in UOA by people at this wen site. The only bad thing about Castrol is that it apparently does not flow as well at cold temperatures like Chevron Supreme. Other oils that have tested well include Exxon SuperFlow (you can find that at K-Mart), Mobil Drive Clean, and Pennzoil. I should have said above that I did buy chevron Supreme at the Checker Auto Parts Store, because my Schaeffer's Oil has arrived.
If you liked chevron supreme so much why not use Havoline? The new havoline is manufactured by chevron/texaco and is basically the same. Plus you can get havoline anywhere.
Originally posted by Touringpro: Costco carries Chevron Supreme (and Delo too). If there's one in your neck-of-the-woods, give it a look.
Agreed. 'Round these parts a case of Chevron goes for $9.99. That's about 83 cents/quart. Have you tried other WalMart's to see if they're still stocking Chevron? I find it odd one store would not stock while others would. It's always been in good supply at the WalMart's I go to.
If you like the Chevron, then try a Checker / Schucks / Kragen auto parts store, as they carry the Chevron Supreme lineup. They are on of the very few in this neck of the woods...
I too have tried looking for the Chevron Supreme 10w30 at my local Costco. Up until the time I looked for it I always see it on the shelves. Why is it that when it's my turn to look for these things they all of a sudden disappear? Very frustrating. Will try another Costco later. [Smile]
I know the stocking of Chevron Supreme is awful spotty in the Wally Worlds around here. They always have Delo400 15W40. So, Supreme may be back, or it may not. And even if it's coming back, it may take 3-4 or even several months to appear on the shelves. And if I see it, I wipe out nearly all the 5W30 and 10W30 they have ... so don't expect it will last. [Wink] Also, I agree that Chevron and Texaco Havoline should (at least eventually) be one in the same. It doesn't make sense to have two different formulas competing with each other if you are the same company. Heck, I'd even consider phasing out some of the Chevron branded retail products and saving the marketing costs. Switch everything over to "Havoline" and hope the Chevron customers switch with you. Anyway, one of the original questions was which would be a good second choice? Pennzoil. One of the best conventional base oils out there, more moly than most dinos and probably more detergents than Castrol GTX. --- Bror Jace
I don't see Chevron brand retail products being phased out, if anything some Havoline products might be dropped in North America. This is because, after the merger, Texaco stations are going away, Chevron are not. There should not be a big cost to package the same formula under different brand names. Even the Gulf brand is coming back in limited markets.
The only reason Texaco GAS stations are going away is because of the merger. The merger would have caused a monopoly in mnay markets in the west with a Texaco on one corner, the Chevron on the other. To minimize that, ChevronTexaco was forced to give up the rights to the Texaco Brand gasoline outlets, giving Shell full, exclusive use of the Texaco bradned gasoline until early 2004 I believe. For a year or two, Shell and ChevronTexaco have dual rights to the brand, and after 2005 or so, it becomes and exclusive brand to ChevronTexaco. That's why all the Texaco's are converting to Shell right now, because as of 2005, they cannot use the Texaco brand name anymore on Gasoline. It is entirely possible that Texaco will rise again as a gas brand after ChevronTexaco can use it, especially since in some parts of the country, nobody has heard of Chevron but knows Texaco (like the midwest). Lubricating oils have a similar agreement, that both can use the Texaco Havoline brand through a certain date (ie: The Equilon and ChevronTexaco Havoline products). Eventually, ChevronTexaco gets full rights back, and there will be no more Equilon Texaco Havoline Motor Oils.
Before coming to this board I used Texaco/Havoline products for years and years without any oil-related problems what-so-ever. In cars, trucks & motorcycles. I agree that one ought to be able to find Chevron Supreme AND that Havoline is a viable alternative. The Pennzoil & Delo recommendations are equally good! [Cheers!]
I called my Wal-Mart today and talked to the lady who orders the oil.She said it was not selling enough and they needed the shelf space.She said I could call the corporate H.Q. and ask to bring it back.Another thing;I emailed Chevron and asked if there oil is in Havoline bottles.They said it is not,and will stay Havolines blend of oil as it always has been. So,Pennzoil is a good brand to use in place of Chevron?How about Mobil Drive Clean? [Bang Head]
Originally posted by BlueOvalFitter: ...I emailed Chevron and asked if there oil is in Havoline bottles.They said it is not,and will stay Havolines blend of oil as it always has been.
Interesting. I don't doubt you were told this, but my gut feeling is that you were informed wrong. Keeping two entirely different formulations in the distribution chain increases ChevronTexaco's production and storage costs. And, to what purpose? And can anyone verify that having the rights to the "Havoline" name also includes the rights to the original formula? When Target recently closed out both Havoline and Chevron Supreme at 68 cents/qt. I cleaned their shelves of the 10W-30 viscosity. I've opened a bottle of each and sniffed. They smell identical. I realize that's not proof they're the same blend, but the residual in a bottle of the Equilon "Havoline" my neighbor used for an oil change has a much stronger odor. I also realize that different production runs will be adjusted for the base stock used for that run. But, I've always noted a particularly stronger, unpleasant odor with Havoline previously. (Seemed to work okay whenenver I used it though.)
I noticed my local Walmart also dropped Chevron Supreme, but they added a weight (5w30) and dropped the price to $1.07 on Mobil Drive Clean dino. I got 5 quarts of the 10w30 Mobil dino for my wife's 2003 Cavalier. Its a GF3, API-SL oil so its bound to be good for 3K intervals.
BlueOvalFitter, you can take a look at some Drive Clean results in the Used Oil Analysis section ... I wouldn't bother with this stuff, personally. For a bargain brand, I'd try the Havoline oils. [I dont know] Also, it's not just about the bottling. There are a great deal of costs associated with maintaining a separate delivery chain/system for each brand. Supporting different dealers, advertising, promotional support, etc ... can get very expensive. The bottle and label is just one small component in a much larger picture. --- Bror Jace
I'd be very suprised if ChevronTexaco plans to drop the Chevron Supreme name. Individual WallyWorld store managers have considerable leeway in what they'll stock. Basically, if "it" doesn't sell, they'll drop "it" to clear shelf space. Conversely I've noticed products they run out of, and are temporarily out of at their regional distribution center, may take months to get back on the shelves. This could be a function of availability from vendors or perhaps WallyWorld's own policy to leverage the best quantity discount. Since Chevron owns the rights to the "Havoline" name, and Havoline has been completely reformulated from the prior Equilon product, I agree with MustangGT that the very latest Havoline is probably now the same as Chevron Supreme.
Chevron Supreme is certainly not going away. The problem of stock is at walmart is the local managers who buy what sells and discontinue what they feel like. they are always late in "summer" viscosities because they didn't sell during the previous months, and the reverse in the winter. At costco the problem is price. A lot of people take advantage of the Costco price to export (or smuggle) to the Caribbean and other places, since Costco has a terribly low price ($9.99 per case of Supreme - that's $3 less than I pay as a distributor). People walk in and take their entire inventory.
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