No luck with O"Reillys parts

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Feb 26, 2005
Kansas, USA
Well i'm going to have to replace my thermostat for the third time in a year. The first two were motomaster? fail-safe's from O"Reillys. The first one went out in a week and next one last about a year. And I just changed the coolant no more than 2 weeks ago. When I first bought my car I was able to get a discount on parts with them through a friend and so far the only part I have left is the brake pads, which gives me a very uncomfortable feeling. So much for saving money. Anyone else have problems with their parts?
O'Reilly's seems to be pretty high quality. Some professional shops around here use them. I bought a Gates thermostat from them several years ago and it's fine. Just replaced my idler arm bushing with a Moog part from them.
I've been using them for years, never any problems that couldn't be handled by the guy behind the counter. In Houston, they've only been OReillys for a few years before that they were HiLo and likewise I never had any problems with them either.

Does it mean I never had any problems with any part I got there? No, and all that I did have were not their fault, like the mfg screwed up (bad tap in a brake caliper, bad crimp on a radiator, etc). The HiLo/OReilly guys always made it good in minutes with no hassle, often substituting a "better" part for no addtnl cost.
I've just about totally switched over to Oreilly parts. I haven't had any problems with their parts. An alternator I bought from them lasted two weeks, but the replacement has lasted three years now. My wife's car has Oreilly brake pads. They stop the car fine, but they dust up really bad. That's the only problems I've had.
Sorry to hear bout your trouble. I have not had any problems with O'Reilly's parts, although in some cases I do go with OEM rather than aftermarket.
I like the O'reilly stores I've used in Texas. I consider them a rung above the AZ, Pepboys, and Advance stores, while still keeping things pretty cheap.

Maybe your stat came from a bad batch?
Use a Stant brand thermostat. I bought the Stant Superstat. It was like 7 bucks but the engine warms up very fast and keeps the Jeep cool. The cooling fan has not been on at all this year.
According my friend who worked in the warranty department 90% of the thermostats came back. They had carried that brand for a month, supposedly the company gave them a warning and they supposedly fixed them... I guess not. I did buy a Super Stant for Advanced this time. The only parts i'll buy from them now is Motorcraft.
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