Nissan Dealer Wont Answer Questions, need help.

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Jun 11, 2004
Got a 2005 Nissan X-Trail, QR25DE engine, Auto Trany, AWD. 19,000 kms now. Love this Nissan, just got a few questions on experiences after one year driving.

In -30C or +30C, the engine quickly revs up to 1800 rpm in a spurt then quickly goes down to 1500 and lowers with gradual warm up nicely. Is this quick rev to 1800 rpm normal? My guess is maybe for quick oil pressure up?

This X-Trail auto tranny will kick down to 4000 rpm in passing gear if I hit the resume on cruise a few kms below the preset cruise speed. In quick panic reflex I cancel by braking, this 4000 rpm lasts few seconds. (real
pain, I used to have manual trannys, never had this problem before.) This happen around 60 mph to 65 mph range, redline on engine is about 6200 rpm. At full operating temps does this kickdown hurt tranny and engine?

This auto tranny has a 2 second delay on engaging into gear, it is a delayed clutch system, will prematurely torquing as it clutches into gear
ever hurt tranny/drivetrain?

As I said, love this Nissan, need some help, particularly on auto tranny issues, first auto tranny I ever owned in family vehicle in 20 years.

The engine reving whe you start it is perfectly normal and when it hits 4000 on hat down shift its not hurting it either.
The increased rpms at cold startup is normal. The main reason for this, as I've been told, is to help get the catalytic converter warmed up quicker so that it can start doing it's job. Apparently, the cats don't work so well when cold.
Thanks so far all,I have drive Nissan/Datsun 28 years now, they do have great winter packages. I had a 03 Altima with the QR25DE, I dont remember the first 1.5 second spurt of 1800 rpm on the Altima prior to the normal 1500 rpm for warm up, I may have been less observant then. This quick 1800 surge of rpm at turn of key maybe new for later models in Nissan?

Anymore imput also on tranny issues such as the 2 second delay on clutching on gear engagement and early torque? Is that delay in clutching in Nissan auto trannys normal?

Kick down 4000 rpm on cruise, cant this violent kickdown be disconnected for highway speed, would never use it? When I climb a medium hill with cruise, the kick down will nicely go to gentle gearing up to 3000 rpm from 2500 rpm, this is great, prevent lugging that can happen with a manual tranny. But this violent 4000 rpm as shown in my first post is ugly, I at times think this might help seat rings but also dont like violent rpms to my engines. I prefer to have a load on engine in these rpm spurts.

thanks again, greatly appreciated
My aftermarket cruise had a "sensitivity" dip switch that set how aggressively it opened the throttle when speed started to dip. If you can get a GOOD wiring schematic you might find similar on your stock unit, if it hasn't been taken over by the body control or engine control module yet.

Watch for an upgraded software to cure that cruise control issue.

The high start idle will probably stick with you unless you can get an "export" program or can somehow restrict the idle speed control air passage.

Look for a nissan-specific forum as most car-specific forums are very into the little idiosyncracies.
Thanks eljefino, I am hoping for a recall on that cruise, I read in my research on the X-Trail prior to buying it that this cruise kickdown was a sore spot in the review. I think/hope Nissan is aware of it and dealing with it either in computer/mechanical, which ever one applies. I did bring this issue to my dealership, feedback to dealerships from customers is what gets these things taken careof, they seemed indifferent.

What vehicle/year is vehicle you could adjust eljefino?

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