Nissan 15208-65F0E - 7300Km Cut Open

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Jun 7, 2015
This filter came off my friend's 2016 Nissan Micra. The car has only 7300Km (4500Mi). This was the factory original filter along with the factory fill. Dented the can because it was on so tight that no mere mortal could remove it. No tears in the media. Enjoy!
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Thank you for posting smile What did you replace it with?
Napa proselect
Looks great. Makes me feel good about running it in my Infiniti. Thank you for posting!
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Thanks for sharing. I thought I'd never get my Frontier's factory filter off. They must put them on with air tools!
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Seems like every auto factory has a gorilla just to install the oil filter. I've bent oil filter wrenches getting the OEM filter off in the past.
I can attest to that. I smiled when I have read articles about changing your oil and oil filter, and they have said, "don't overtighten the oil filter." Our family has bought two vehicles new, a 2001 Trooper and a 2006 Tundra, our other cars we have bought used. On the new vehicles, when it came time to change the oil and filter, I had to use an oil filter wrench to get them off. Tried getting them off by hand first, no way. They were on tight. What is funny is that the filters I have put on them since I have taken off by hand.
Most new manufactured engines with can filters are installed with the gaskets dry and using automated tooling. That is why the OE filters are a bear to remove.
Toyota dealership near me uses a torque wrench to put filter on. Its real hard to get it off after.
I've had several new cars and with a couple of exceptions they were all buggers to get off. I use a large set of Channel locks if they won't budge. Many times after a dealer serviced the cars, I would use 100 grit sandpaper folded and wrapped around the filter. Works like a charm.
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Toyota dealership near me uses a torque wrench to put filter on. Its real hard to get it off after.
Toyota filters stop when the torque is right, torque stopper. I think any more turning than that results in a circular groove or scratch on the engine filter mount, as steel filter rim crunches into the aluminum mount.
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