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I love 2wd trucks but what was the reason for not getting 4wd? Is there a big price difference?

Adding 4x4 adds ~3,500 to MSRP.

Best looking truck currently on the market, equal to the Ram 1500 Classic, congratulations!
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I did quiet a bit of research before buying this truck. First of all, it had to be an extended cab truck. The crew cab configuration just didn't fit my needs. The 2.7 engine looks to be a good performer, with good reliability and fuel mileage. Extended cab pickups are hard to find. This one was the only one within 75 miles. That includes Ram pickups. I know the computer fuel mileage isn't as accurate as hand calculation but, 20.3 mpg average isn't too bad. And, the engine is pretty peppy.

I bet the mpgs willi crease a bit . As far the the mpg gauge goes do a few hand calculations and if they are too far off this link is how to adjust the mpg reading I got mine with in .2 mpg good enough so i quit . ford F150 forum .com ?link.
OP congrats on a New Ford Truck !!!!
You a smart man !ðŸ‘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
I like it! That's a nice color!

Also a nice carport. I've been toying around with the idea of putting up something like that in the back yard.
I didn't really need a 4wd truck. I didn't really pay attention to the price difference. 4wd usually runs about $2,000 more. Fuel mileage takes a good hit with 4wd.
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Ford pricing and incentives are very good right now. If you want a new one, all of that ends tomorrow.
I also looked at the RAM trucks. And, I wasn't opposed to buying one. The problem was finding one that checked all of my boxes. The comparable RAM would have been the Classic Quad Cab or new 1500 Big Horn in 2wd with the 3.6 Pentastar. Both of those are rare birds in this area. GM products were never considered.
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Nice truck - enjoy it. My 2016 with the 2.7 still makes me smile nearly every time I drive it. I have zero regrets on the purchase of that engine. I'd buy another one tomorrow without a second thought.

I just did the plugs on mine just under 60,000 miles. They looked nearly brand new and the gap was nearly dead on...
I don't consider selectable full sized LT's and SUV's an AWD like something that defaults as FWD in the 2WD version

Many full size units have a two speed transfer case where there is an auto 4Hi mode similar to AWD … but can be locked into 4Lo if needed for the goo …

Mine are not crammed for working room at all …
That's a nice truck. I previously mentioned I bought a new (5.3) 2018 Silverado. I just don't like the sound of those smaller motors in the Ford trucks. I tried to buy the 5.0 in a Ford F-150-and here the dealers just didn't stock them.

My son has the 3.5-it sounds like a sewing machine.
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Xlts usually sell for 10k+ below sticker at many dealers. Don't let the sticker scare you on the xlt and lower trucks. Lots of incentives..

Yes, I miss the sound of a v8. I smile now when I hear the turbos spool, and when I leave nearly everyone in the dust from the line.
Very nice truck. I have a 19 in Abyss Grey Metallic. Looks like they're offering both colors these days. Sharp colors that both pop have have their own uniqueness to them.