New truck at 300 miles. Would you....

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OP did not stipulate 4WD so guess me? I’m going back to Oz in a week so can change oil about 900ish and then run all/most of OLM run ... I’ll do diffs next … rear is G80 … 10k maybe? Trans/TC? Thinking 20k and then start longer runs …
I would change it out immediately as I would the tires for Michelin........... smile eek
I'm completely opposite. I WANT grit in my oil for the first 10K miles. When my Acura was new I followed the oil monitor for the first two changes, which was 12K miles per oil change. The car only had two oil changes in its first 24K miles, which was per the oil monitor. After that I change the oil every 7500 miles religiously. Consumption at 7500 miles is ZERO. I feel it helps to set the rings with a little extra grit polishing things up. I also drive it like I stole it during the first 5000 miles, with 7000 rpm runs stop light to stop light.
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What tires does he have ?
I have seen that many F150s come with Hankook-not sure about the heavier duty trucks.
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I would use any oil but Pennzoil. My opinion. Change it and make sure whatever you do doesn't screw up the warranty.
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popcorn here we go again
Yup, but hey it may be old news for the site, but a new thing for OP who has a new vehicle! In the past, my take was to change oil/filter at 1000, 2500 and 5000 with inexpensive dino (usually VWB), then go to my normal oil. On my next new vehicle I will probably take the FF to 2500 miles then switch over to normal intervals. Your personal choice; there are guys on here with over 250k miles that have always followed their OLM.
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I usually change the factory fill at 1,000km (600 Miles) and then go 5,000km (3,000 miles) on the second change before following the normal OCI. Always worked for me. I find the most metal in the filter pleats from the manufacturing process during these first two oil changes and then no visible metal by the 3rd. I know other folks that use the OLM for the factory fill and change it whenever the car tells them the first one is due an they seem to be just fine as well.
That much *visible* metal? 1937 called. They want their engine back !!
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So the guys who believe I should wait a while don't think any harm can be done with oil sitting in pan for almost a year with only 40 miles driven? Just want to clarify
I'm in the wait camp, I say, "nope." As I stated in my comment, I've had one of these 6.2's, as my company has a fleet of them. Our only marker for oil change is miles, if you take it in because of age they'll just turn you away. You have good truck there. Follow the basic maintenance with confidence.
different machines but same idea...swap FF early; my leftover new '13 Genuine Buddy 125 drains FF and puts in Castrol GTX 10-40 for engine break-in (owners manual says 300km - @ 186 miles; dealers in the area say @ 250-500 miles is when they see them back); I got permission to change oil-filter myself & shop do the rest of the service...did it @ 150 miles & 'official' change @ 275 miles with service visit @ 350 miles; changed out early a few more times until @ 1500 miles & beyond (changing o-rings to squelch a leak...needed a bolt tightened on the engine case via dealer); just did her 'late autumn-winter storage-early spring' oci with @ 3025 miles yesterday my lightly used '14 Yamaha V Star 250...picked up with 23 miles & ran the FF until @ 250 miles (well...Yamaha oil filter so guessing it was factory fill); owners manual calls for first service @ 600 miles...changed at 590 miles to be 'official'; changed early several more times & just did her 'late autumn-winter storage-early spring' oci yesterday with @ 1770 miles my engines get early changes; did it with my '15 Jeep Patriot @ 1500 miles IIRC with dealer oil change @ 3000 miles
Either way the truck will last forever with proper care. However my OCD likes to take the FF out by 500. Filters only filter down to a certain point. After that the only way to go smaller is too dump the oil. Which is why oil changes happen. As for "leaving the grit in", the main thing that's wearing are the piston rings. Made of the hardest material in the entire engine. Do you really want those fines circulating in your motors bearings longer than necessary? I also do a follow up change at 4k miles, which is early by most modern OLMs. Yes it's still wearing in for the first 5-10k. After that OLM and quality oil. I use synthetic from day one. With rebates it's as cheap as dino. The break in not happening with synthetic is a myth. Do some firm accelerations to seat those rings.
I changed my Dodge Ram out when it was new at 350 miles because it sat somewhere for a year and month according to the made date. The Challenger I changed at 1200 miles. I know what your saying about a bunch of test drives, a bunch of short trips and a bunch of moisture. More that than the wear metals bothered me. That said Everytime I get a new company truck we run them to 5000 mile oil changes from the start. I have had several I had new to 130,000+ miles and it never used a drop of oil or any problems. So it's probably in reality a mute question and really a OC issue to us.
I doubt that it'll make any difference either way. What does the OM say? If Ford recommends an early first drain or even hints that this might be desirable, then do it. If not, then don't worry about it. Over the life of this vehicle, engine wear will be the least of your concerns regardless of when you dump the FF, as with almost any other vehicle.
Change it the most that will happen is the money spent on the Oil filter change. Engines can not help but break in and no oil will stop the process they are not that good.
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Change the oil? I was thinking about doing an oil change on my 2017 Ford F250 Superduty with the 6.2 gas engine and 6 speed auto. I bought the truck with 42 miles on odometer. Normally I would wait until 2000 miles to swap out factory fill however this truck has had this fill in for quite some time and the low mileage I picked her up at was probably tacked on 2 miles at a time. I was going to use Penzoil Ultra 5w-30 synthetic Thoughts?
I don't race, nor build engines any more. But, when I did build engines, after the initial cam break in for 20 minutes at 2K RPM, I would then change the oil and filter. I would then recommend whom ever bought my engines, change the oil at 500 miles, then again at 1500 miles. After that, I RECOMMENDED every 5K with conventional oil, 7.5K with synthetic oil. And, change the oil filter EVERY oil change. Today's modern engines don't need a cam break in. The factory runs them to make sure everything internally is good to go. I'm not 100% sure, but I "THINK" this is their engine break in period. I have yet to see a major vehicle manufacturer send a detailed "HOW TO BREAK THE ENGINE IN" set of instructions with every new vehicle. Anyway, that being said, if it were my truck I would do an OCI at 500 miles. After that, you do as you see fit. Me, 5K for conventional, 7.5K for synthetics. You asked "Would we change the oil?" What I recommended up above is what "I" would do. Good luck with your new truck. smile
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