New tires and always a balancing issue @ Discount Tire

Discount Tire is a victim of their own success. With the higher volume something has to give. Toyota had that problem a few years back too. Still not a problem other than your time. DT is where I get my tires and usually have excellent service. I've had a few instances where service suffers but rare with this company.

I just bought a set of the Cooper AT3 4S for a F150. So far so good but I've only been a thousand miles. Balanced well and are really quiet.
Marysville, WA
Have had similar balance/quality issues with Discount Tire. I have gotten to where I will carry my tires in and leave specific instructions for how to how I want the weights done and that the wheels are in great shape with no bends, scratches, etc, etc. I clean the wheels inside and out and even remove the old weights and old tape weight adhesive (3M Adhesive Remover). Had worked the past couple times. But this last time I did the same and even reminded the counter-person that the tires are marked with the outside to be sure that they are mounted correctly. He looked at me like *I* must be stupid telling them how to do their job. Low and behold, when the tires where done, one was mounted backwards. "Don't know how that count have happened!" And then the balance was off. I brought them back and insisted I wanted to watch them balance. All except for 1 of the tires was >.5oz off. The "Tech" insisted that nobody could feel that and they were fine and within company policy. After speaking to the manager and advising him that balanced is not the same as within .5oz of balance, he rebalanced them himself and RF'd them as well. I think 1 tire needed turning but the others were low numbers. Balanced to 0oz. Big surprise, they ride nice and smooth.

Oh, and he did calibrate the machine before balancing. Basically put the machine in calibration mode and use a set of weights to tune it. Only took a minute to do. No reason they shouldn't do that every day.

I haven't decided for sure, but I think my next set of tires will be someplace else. I'm tired of the games...
My last new tire purchase from Discount tire required 4 visits and a third party opinion to figure out one of 4 had obvious structural defect. No road force was gonna correct it and I'm still pissed I had to return 4 times for resolution. The replacement tire they ordered never arrived and I need up ordering a completely different set from another manufacturer. They tried hard both times to push their in-house versions of national brands and that was super annoying. From now on I'm almost certainly going to go with a retailer much closer even of it costs a few more bucks. The hassle of driving 50 miles round trip to their store several times in a week is worth more than the high fives and "yeah-bro" the millennials working there offer.
DT founder and owner passed away in April of 2018.

Bruce Halle, Discount Tire founder and Arizona's richest man, dies at 87. Bruce T. Halle, the founder of Discount Tire, Arizona's wealthiest resident and a prominent philanthropist, died Thursday morning at age 87, according to the company.
Like many businesses once the founder leaves or passes away the quality of product of service usually takes a huge hit because the new
owners or management don't give a darn about what the founder created!
Americus, GA
Are any of you old enough to remember the old Hunter spin balancers? Those things were cool. An experienced tire person could get your wheel assembly nearly perfect. Those things were electric powered and the wheel assembly was balanced on the vehicle. They could get the wheel assembly up to a pretty high speed.