New Member and Riding Mower Oil Change Question

Oct 15, 2021
Rochester Hills
Hello All, I am a new member (senior citizen but who's counting years anymore) but been lurking for sometime. I have a brand new Husqvarna TS142 riding mower with the BS 18.5HP single cylinder. I am looking to do my 1st oil change at the end if its 1st season soon with 20 hours on the clock. From posts on this board I bought a Fram TG3614 silver filter and oil. My question is of the oil I bought, Super Tech 15w40 CK-4. Did I make the right choice of oil for this engine?? Lastly, the spec sticker under the hood say 64oz?? I thought more like 48oz for the oil change with filter. Need advice please on all questions..... Thanks Folks
15W40 diesel oil will work just fine.
Check your operators manual and engine manual.
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I'd go off what ever is less, fill it with about 48oz and check if the dipstick is full, if not add more oil, run it a moment to prime the oil filter then check and top off again.
I recommend either 5-30 or 10-30 full synthetic anything. Briggs demonstrated a 10 degree cooler running engine with 5-30 syn. About 14 years ago I had a new John Deere with a 25 hp air cooled engine. It ran extremely hot and would run on unless I idled it for about three minutes after a two acre mow. I swithced to 5-30 syn and the problem was almost non existent. On extremely hot days a 30 second cool down was all needed.
I think 15w40 will be fine. I currently use ST FS HM 10w30 in my JD LT150. I use this in all my OPE currently. I’ve debated on using 15w40 because I usually have some around for my truck.

As far as how much oil your manual should tell you. Sometimes it’s stamped on the dipstick. I’d add what seems reasonable based on your drain pan. After adding the oil I’d turn the engine over without starting. My LT150 won’t start if I put the throttle at its lowest. After priming the system add more if needed to get the level to the appropriate amount. Start the mower and let it idle for a few seconds, check for leaks and then run it at half throttle for a few minutes again checking for leaks. Shut the engine off and let it set for a while. Check the oil and adjust as needed. Happy mowing!

Just my $0.02
48 oz. sounds right. I use SAE30 in my riders but 15w-40 is good too. I would have dumped the original oil at 5 hours and begin changing oil every 50 hours and filter every 100 hours which I believe that's what is specified in the manual.
Most recent Briggs have a QR code that will take you right to the specs for the engine, I would tend to believe the underhood sticker as well, but it never hurts to start low and check it.

While I see nothing wrong with 15/40 I would tend to follow the Recommendation of Briggs.
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Great suggestions All and thank you. I do have a couple quarts of 10w30 syn and a bottle (48oz) mower 30wt. My old (sold it) 2000 model year JD SX85 with a BS13HP I ran the 15w40 Rotella since I had some sitting around with no issues but that was the old blend formula not the new stuff for low emissions. My Harley always used 20w50 because of the high zinc content because of the flat tappet cam (Evo engine).
48 Ounces is the norm for the larger single cylinder Briggs. Personally I've been running 15w-40 Rotella T6 in my lawn tractor this season. Prior to that it was 10w-30 Mobil1 High Mileage. I haven't noticed an difference.
ASTRO GUY, is that the new CK-4 formula you're using with the Rotella? Or am I overly concerned for no reason that the new formula is not as effective.
Well yesterday after cutting the yard I elected to do the 1st oil change since the engine was at temp. The factory yellow quick drain on the engine came apart when I did the 1/4 turn to open the valve.... YEP oil all over the place... nice, real flippin nice. Installed a Drainzit hose to replace the yellow one. Yellow one went right in the trash. I used the 15w40 super tech and the Fram TG3614 (I prefilled the oil filter). Installed a new Champion platinum plug (original had a nice color burn), new fuel filter and a shutoff valve before the pump, air filter was fine. 1st start up was immediate (before would crank for a couple seconds before fire up) and I did notice a smoother sounding engine. I readjusted the throttle cable as the original setting was way off, never would idle down, throttle lever on the dash would close down to only maybe half way. Really pleased how much better the engine sounds and runs. Happy lawn cutter now...........
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Just getting the oil out and fresh stuff in is a good thing. I never have had any fast drain stuff.. just normal plugs and pipe fittings.
People go into great detail to get a great oil and I understand. But 90 percent of the battle is just getting new oil in the machine. Straight 30 or 15 w 40 or 15w50 or 10w30. It will all work fine I bet.
Most of our tractors and mowers and snow blowers dont run that many hours that wear becomes an issue for a long time.
I’ve settled with 10-30 in mine. Never liked 5-30. The x-40 weights have been fine too but they always sound a little happier to me at cool down idle with the 10-30.