New ExxonMobil High Mileage Oils?

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I wondering that myself. I'm thinking of trying there 10w-40 blend down the road. Might be a good oil for an old car. I'd like to see some UOA on this stuff. Does anyone know where I can get Mobil drive clean and drive clean blend specs? I can't find them on the Mobil website.
BTW, Exxonsuperflow doesn't look to shabby either. Has decent numbers for a Dino.

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Nice find! Looks like a new product, when I ran a search of the MSDS's I came up with both the Drive Clean and Drive Clean Plus.

Here's the MSDS on the DC Plus 10w30, doesn't mention if it's the high mileage or new car formula of the DC Plus though.

Couldn't find a product data sheet on it.

Edit: Here's the 5w30, interesting....flashpoint 424 F vs. 392 F on the 10w30:

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What is the general opinion of the "Mobil Drive Clean" and "Mobil Drive Clean Synthetic Blend" oils on this forum ???
I don't know, but this new Drive Clean Blend Plust might be decent. It looks like Mobil is in the process of redeveloping there website. When you look up the product data sheet, all you get is M1.
For at least the MSDS, try, "", and then type in "Mobil Drive Clean" or "Mobil Drive Clean Plus" in the Trade Name box. According to Mobil, it'll be a few weeks before their revamped page for product data sheets'll be ready.

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I spoke with Mobil today and they are aware of the website problems and should have it fixed. Drive Clean specs are not up. Blend and regular.
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