New Baja Designs Lights Installed Today!

Sep 26, 2010
Installed my BajaDesigns lights today (man was it hot out there!) on my Mopar Winch Guard. I am very happy with the installation (but still need to dress us the wiring a bit). I created my own harness using weather pack connectors (I cut the OEM off the lights and did not use the Baja harness that came with them). I wired the outer lights (Amber Wide Cornering) to AUX #1 and the inner lights (Driving Combo) to AUX #2. The cowl lights will be done in the near future and wired to AUX #3 (but may need to add a relay since the OEM and supplied amperage is pretty low) which will have all of my switches in use as AUX #4 is wired to my backup lights. After the cowl lights, I plan to install the Rugged Ridge Headlight and Taillight Guards and that should wrap up the lights on the Grinch. Metal Cloak suspension upgrades are on deck after that. Lights and Mounting Hardware: -- Mounting Clamps - -- Mounting Screws (the ones that come with the lights are too short for the clamps - -- Squadron-R Sport, Pair Driving|Combo LED - -- Squadron-R Sport, Pair Wide Cornering, Amber - -- Black, Squadron-R Injection Mold Rock Guard - Tools and Supplies (I had most all of these left over from other projects, but wanted to include them in case others wanted to know): -- Honeywell Genesis 10703908 14/4 Mini-Split Cable Coil, 1070 Wire, 50' Length - -- Whizzotech Wire Crimper Tool Insulated Wire Terminals - -- 25ft - 1/2 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving - Black|Red - -- 25ft - 1/4 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving - Black|Red - -- 3:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing Kit, (Black) - -- MUYI 10 Kit 2 Pin Way Waterproof Electrical Connector 1.5mm Series Terminals Water Resistant - -- Heat Shrink Butt Connectors - -- Heat Shrink 1/4" Ring|Eye Terminals - [Linked Image from]