A Few Tools

Nov 20, 2006
MA, Mittelfranken.de
I picked a few that most DIY guys and even pros might like, most are cheap but all work well. First up is this ignition analyzer from GTC, this is the 505 and is a good tool, Made in Canada, the quality is excellent. Instead of moving coils just touch the top of the COP and get all sorts of info and compare all of them on the same screen.
It has a connector adapter for cables also.

They have a video of how its working, that explains it better than I can I am still finding my way around it but so far I am impressed, it is small light and portable.
The connection for the wand to the unit is very well made, no forcing it on unscrew the barrel line up to the 2 pins and screw the barrel back up, it looks like solid copper.
I got this from Tool Discounter for 225 + 10 for the shipping which is the best price I found, they do make a 505m which is identical except it includes a 6ft cable mostly for boats. I found that for $273 with free shipping, if you need the cable (I don't) it is a great deal.






These two tools are about $14-22 also Made in Canada from the same company, I got these from Amazon as they pushed the shipping up when added to the tester.
The first on is a touch no cable test light, it flashes red, beeps loudly and vibrates when you touch a +wire and unlike the old bulb and ground cable ones it is ecm and module safe. The second one is a circuit tester, this little thing is amazing,it is self powered and will tell you if the + or - circuit is okay.



This is a stainless steel trim removal tool, this thing is $10 and is really well done, smooth as glass and strong, perfect for interior and dash trim, I really like this.


Last is this $20 relay tester, I had a more expensive brand name that burned out and got this one as a fill in, the thing works just as well, it triggers the relay 10 times and gives a green or red light, it already caught a bad Suby A/C relay that worked but was going on and off leaving a ton of clutch material all over the compressor.


Links to all the stuff..

Jul 14, 2020
Rahui Pokeka Aotearoa
I've lost count of the number of times the cordless circuit tester has got me into trouble - it will test for power, no problems, but not whether that circuit will carry the current to work. Red light and beep, all good...put your normal test lamp on the contact and it won't light. That said, I'm still stupid enough to grab it first - it's just so good on an under dash fuse box where it's all just plastic...hold your other hand on something like the ignition key and beep, beep your way over the fuses. Oh, we have to test every fuse in the box here because the cover is in Japanese.

I'm getting a power probe with scope function next week - that will be interesting, will it become my new favorite, or sit in a draw and never get used ?
Jul 15, 2018
illinois, usa
I took advantage of this post and bought the relay tester. I was collection a few spare relays that want to test when I notice that in some relays the pins are recess like in the picture. Is it good enough to make some pig tails to connect the relay and tester???


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Aug 6, 2018
I just bought the relay tester now that is a good deal. Thanks.