New Amsoil M/C 10W-40 94 ZX-11 1565 miles

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Jun 28, 2005
Cedar Park, TX
side by side for easy comparison:

Miles on oil 761 1565
Fe 16 12
Cr 0 1
Pb 0 1
Cu 4 4
Sn 0 0
Al 9 8
Ni 0 0
Ag 0 0
Si 5 2
B 16 10
Na 8 3
Mg 179 106
Ca 3067 2538
Ba 0 0
P 1172 1232
Zn 1506 1565
Mo 40 26
Ti 0 0
Va 0 0
K 0 0
Fuel Visc@100C 11.57 11.94
Water 0 0
Glycol NEG NEG
TBN 9.1 9.11

honestly, i suspect the sample or analysis.
here is why:
Zn went up?????
P went up???
Al went down?
Si went down???
as did Na?

so here is what imho think happened.
the samples were taken at either a different points in the drain stream or their setup is wacko.
60 more zn and 60 more p. where did that come from? and at the same time something sucked the aluminum and silicon out? huh?
after these 2 uoa's, i'd really scratch my head at the ones doing the tests.
i once sent 2 samples of the same oil to 2 different labs { blackstone and southwest } . the results were within 2-3ppm on every single element that was over 10ppm.

definately switch to some other oil.
I think what we have are some big expectations for this oil (I know I keep rooting for Amsoil to kick butt) that my measly two UOA's fail to meet. Compared to my other reports, the Amsoil shows equal if not better wear numbers. Viscocity? Well, like I've said before, it could be a **** 20wt for all I care, as long as it protects. Unfortunately, even at wholesale, this oil is more expensive than anything else I have tried, and doesn't give me justifiably better numbers. I hope others try this oil, I'm betting it may prove a really good oil, my results might be off the beaten path.
I really think you should give it a second chance without the LC. I'm not saying LC is bad or anything but you went through some other oils before, had some high iron events.....and now a new synthetic oil and LC - there probably is some cleaning going on, too. (beside the thinning effect)

Just curious - what was your logic for using LC?
I started using Lube Control at the start of the summer as a consistent level of "extra" cleaning after I did an AutoRX cleaning. I only used the LC with the Amsoil because I had used it with all the other oils I analyzed, so I wanted it to be fair. I'm quickly running out of summer here, but next summer I will be sure to do lots more analyzing.
This is the same oil that was sampled at 761 miles, but with double the miles.

miles on oil 1565

miles on unit ~36000

Fe 12

Cr 1

Pb 1

Cu 4

Sn 0

Al 8

Ni 0

Ag 0

Si 2

B 10

Na 3

Mg 106

Ca 2538

Ba 0

P 1232

Zn 1565

Mo 26

Ti 0

V 0

K 0

Water 0

Glycol NEG

Nitration 8

Oxidation 4

TBN 9.11

Visc@100C 11.94

It sure is weird to see some wear metals actually drop. The viscocity did climb a bit, whether that's a normal thing, or the LC burned off, who knows. Still a 30wt.
I hate to jump to conclusions, but based on the price, shifting quality, and wear numbers, I'm not sold on this stuff.
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