Need help getting sbc to start/run

Sep 10, 2005
Ok the issue has been solved. I loosened all the rockers and set them to zero lash when moving the pushrod up and down. I must have tightened to much on the adjustment nut. Thanks everyone who suggested valve lash.

You're welcome. Always a sigh of relief when things work as intended.
I used to bracket race my 355ci Malibu many moons ago, started with hyd and then solid lifters. Sometimes, we'd swap rockers so we were always playing with lash. 1/4 turn past is typical, but I'll be ****ed that atypical always seemed to happen with aftermarket cams and such.
Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
I went through the same thing back in 1980, changing out the lifters in my '68 Impala's tired old 307.

I was working with my friend Greg, and we were using a big hardcover Chilton's book as our guide. ("American Cars 1968 - 1973", or something like that.)

The book specified "zero lash", which I thought meant to tighten them down until the pushrods could not be rotated by hand.

The engine cranked very slowly, and would not start. Greg's mum called us in for a marvellous supper, and over pork and sauerkraut I realized that "lash" might refer to up-and-down movement rather than whether or not the pushrods could be spun.

The difference turned out to be a good many turns, and after backing off the tension, the engine started fine and ran smoothly.

Good to hear that the OP's problem was solved as simply!