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Sep 18, 2003
My thoughts too Ken. My son drives a 91 4x4 blazer w/ 181k miles on it. It's kept outside, burns no oil, just not real pretty to look at. I like to use synthetic in it for use during the winter (easier startups). Plus with as many miles we have on it, we are doing something right. My car and the wife's AWD Van get the M1.
Just returned from NAPA myself and got Mobil 1 Synthetic for $3.99/qt. Not bad [Burnout] [ October 10, 2003, 01:46 PM: Message edited by: saintsteve ]
Originally posted by saintsteve: Just returned from NAPA myself and got Mobil 1 Synthetic for $3.99/qt. Not bad [Burnout]
Me too, I thought that was a score, they don't seam to carry the 0w40, I got 10w30. Also got some Delo 15w40 for $6.49 gal. too. Another good deal yesterday, Rhino Ramps at Schucks for $20.00!
Just returned from the local NAPA store. They currently have a sale on their oil & filters. Their Dino is 99cents a quart and their full synthetic is $3.49. Their Silver filters are $1.99 and their Gold, $3.99. Doing a search on here, it appears that Valvoline makes their oil and Wix makes their filters!?! Anways, bought a case of the synthetic and some gold filters for my "winter" prep & oil changes coming up within the next few weeks.
It's the Silver filters that seem to be inconsistent. Some models look OK when taken apart, and other models look really junky inside. I'm not familiar with Valvoline's synthetic oil, but it's probably a very adequate Group-III oil that will work very well for cold winter use. Ken
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