Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport All-Season Touring | CUV / SUV

Dec 16, 2002
Huntington Beach, CA
I put Nankang SP-9's Cross Sports on my daughters '17 Escape (235/50/18 101V rated XL). Replaced worn out Michelin Lattitude Tour HP ....So far this Nankang is a great tire... especially for the price. Tires have only 1500 miles so far but I just got back driving it to San Diego and back. Quiet, smooth ride. Low rolling resistance. Sidewall not mushy, has good solid feel on straights and gives a confident turn in at speed. Of course I cannot tell if it will get the 50,000 miles warranted by Americas Tire or the tire will stay smooth and quiet as it wears...but at a little over $80 per tire plus the usual stuff (they matched their online dealer including lower certificate price). No driving in rain or snow (will get no snow where she lives)so far..but this tire seems to be a winner. I did a lot of research on Nankang. Been around for 60+ years. Collaborated with Yokohama in the past..Tires are made in Taiwan. Tread is 5 ply 2 polyester, 2 steel, 1 nylon 101 V rated XL load On a side note other than some inexpensive tires I put on my beater /off road '98 Passport these are trhe first time in nearly 60 years I have bought ties other than top of the line name brand tires.Michelin rerplacement were about $1100 out the door so I searched for a lower cost, safe, smooth, quiet, reasonable wear alternative. I believe I found it in this tire. Time will tell.... NANKANG SP-9 Cross Sport [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
My first experience with Nankang was when they came on a trailer I bought. I thought I'm not running these unknown Chinese tire on a trailer...... Last month, 18 years later, one out of the four had a tread separation. Lots and lots of heavy hard towing... I wish they still made the tire I was using, I'd buy Nankang again in a second.
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Smart purchase. The positive reviews I read regarding Nankang tires encouraged me to buy one of their brands, Milestar, for my wife's Infiniti. After 6K miles the Milestar MS932's are just fine.
I’m also running them on our 2016 Honda Odyssey

Van When we bought it new in 2016 came with 17” michelins which were honestly meh. Run blizzak ws80 during winters. Beginning of March this year went to a 19” wheel/tire package put together by discount tire and they recommended those nankangs. So on their daily expertise and installation of them I decided to say ok. And I was pleasantly surprised they are a decent tire.

So far so good would definitely trust them on a normal daily driver type vehicle in the future based off the months and miles we used them
I have to have an update. These tires were average for the first 2-3/32 of there life. After that they have become not so good on the wet. Tires spin far too easily on accel from a stop. A little dicey at times can feel them slide in a round a bout

Fast forward to the weekend left rear tire looked low my wife apparently picked up a road hazard in the form of a hitch pin clip and tire was on the ground shortly after. I plugged it in the garage to get to discount tire Monday morning and after some numbers going with some Michelins to replace all 4

These tires were down to 6/32” in less than 20k miles. I run a winter tire for 4 months a year

6/32 I know tires can fall off a bit in the traction department but these were down right crap at this point and sooner.

Inexpensive yea and took a chance with them since they recommended them
I have the same tires, I've got 20,000 miles on them with average 5/32nds of tread left. Despite regular rotations the wear is uneven. I've also got some lite cracking on two of them despite only being 4 years old. I cannot recommend Nankang tires.
32,000+ miles on tires. Wearing excellent. Will get at least the 50,000 miles on them. Still a smooth stable ride. No rain to speak of in Southern California since spring (tires did excellent) so I cannot comment on traction with many more miles. Will buy again unless price goes up to where they are no longer a good deal. For now they most definitely are


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Glad someone is getting some miles out of them. Initially I felt they were pretty good especially for the $. Almost A third of what a Michelin cost for my size.

However they are now quite a bit more money still inexpensive

They just didn’t last on an odyssey which can be hard on tires (minivans usually are)

Probably work ok on a Nissan Versa or Kia Forte etc