My top 5 2018 oil filter choice . What your ?

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Jul 24, 2010
#1 FRAM ultra #2 Mobil 1 extended performance #3 Wix ( NAPA GOLD ) #4 K&N gold #5 Bosch distance plus #bonus motorcraft FL820s ( still have soft spot for this )
1) Fram Ultra (when other run out!) 2) Leftover Bosch Distance Plus (got tons of them for $3 each) 3) Leftover Frams (various EG, TG, HM and XG - got tons of them for $.50 - $5 each) 4) Various random cheapies from RockAuto for about a buck a pice 5) I'm good. I've probably got 100 filters.
Me too I got about 15 of those Bosch distant when it was 30 cent each . I feel guilty buying them all though . But those I bought was the one for my vehicle and family vehicle . Still bunch left tho
1. OE (from dealer) 2. Mann 3. Wix 4. Mahle (For Euro applications only) 5. Everything else
1: Fram Ultra 2:........Fram Ultra That’s all I got. Using Motorcraft cartridge on my Ford 2.7 ecoboost for now... hoping for Fram to make an ultra for that then I won’t have a need to go to anyone but Fram.
1. Fram Ultra 2. Mobil 1 3. Bosch 4. Wix 5. OEM
Both cars in my signature take the same oil filter 1. Mahle: Made in Austria for my applications and I've never had the stud stay in the block and leak oil. 2. OEM VAG: Made by Mann in Germany and my local VW dealer is cheaper than AAP for essentially the same filter. I have had the stud stay in the block causing a mess once however. I now check/tighten the stud with a rubber strap wrench before putting the filter on. Mahle's never need tightened, Mann's sometimes do. 3. Fram Tough Guard: It's the oil filter on my generator. Filters well @ 99%, silicone ADV, priced reasonable at Walmart.
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ONLY: Filtec Honda PCX-004 for most high-performace Japanese cars ex Toyota. Fram Toughguard Mobil-1 EP (rebadged Champion Labs) WORST: OEM NISSAN Made in China. Absolute Garbage engine destroyers Second Worst: (reason I joined BITOG) TOYOTA DENSO (Made in Thailand) Looks Good - don't flow. The Made in Japan Foam media (that came on the car from factory) works perfect. Swapped multiple samples back and forth and it was ABSOLUTELY the filter media. Two different Toyotas same time.
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FU1 WIX2 NG3 (napa golds are not identical to wix for my IS & RX) Other good filters exist, but these are readily available and are used frequently.
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WORST: OEM NISSAN Made in China. Absolute Garbage engine destroyers
How many documented cases can you share of said filter causing an engine failure? Curious since I own a Nissan; I might want to avoid these. I believe the one on there now was made in Mexico.
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