My new back room.

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Dec 12, 2002
Kitchen in my house is 12-1/2'x8-1/2', built on an old verandah on the back of the already small house. Imagine a kitchen that size as a major thoroughfare, with 4 doors out of it. 1 to the dining room (in what was the original house), one to the outside, one to the Laundry, and one to a back room, that when we bought the house was a 3.6x2.6m "bedroom", with a large single bed, small wardrobe, and a massive window to the outside, and a smaller window into the second bedroom, which was a part of the main house...back room became junk room, unused except for the things that were in the way. Because of all the doors, the "kitchen" held a single 900mm cupboard/benchtop, a fridge, a 900mm sink, a side by side by side electic cooktop/over, a free-standing cbinet, and another cupboard/benchtop that overlaps the laundry door. Had the stove blow up (literally) 3 weeks ago, so rather than replace bad with bad with more bad, decided to have a crack at the useless back room. Engaged a builder who is happy to listen to my ideas, and provide good ones of his own, and got started a couple weeks ago... This is the end of day 1, last week. Didn't get a pic of the junk room beforehand regretfully. Got the electrician in at this point to review power points and cutting in the new room to the old house... Time out for a full rewire. Last Friday Today Designed the layout and scheme, and will end up with : * 4.8m of bench space (versus 2.7 currently); * 4.15m of under bench cupboard (versus 1.8 current); * 1.5m of high cupboard (versus none now); * 4m^2 of cabinet space (versus 1 now); * 900mm of gas cooktop, 4 burners, and a big griddle (versus 600mm electric coils and no griddle); * 2 electric ovens, 1 fan forced, 1 convection, and a grill/oven (versus a single electric oven). * 8 240V outlets (versus 4) * double sink; * and a rangehood. * and a standard 2.4m flat roof, rather than a 10'-8' skillion. AND ONLY A SINGLE DOOR INTO THE PLACE meaning that I could do it in the same space as the original kitchen "next door" Tiles in tomorrow, grout Sat, power up Monday, then I need to paint and put the finished floor in. So glad that I'm paying a builder, as the room is now square, and what would have taken me 24 months of Sundays, even had I the skillz in only a couple of weeks.
That is some nutso wiring. It looks like (hard to scale) all 6 to 10 gauge wiring. Definitely a relic from another time. Good use of natural light, as well, with light colored materials.
Won't post original kitchen shots until we've tidied it's nutz ATM
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Good use of natural light, as well, with light colored materials.
Could never have pulled it off if it was a "galley"
I agree...strange electrical wiring! That looks like some large gauge wiring!
Reg, the electrician that I bought the place off 15 years ago left all sorts of treasures around the place. The rubber/cloth live/neutral inside a steel conduit come Earth was made illegal for new installations in 1951, and for electricians to cut into some years ago. A local electrician was killed when the earth became live a few years ago, and there's a couple houses burn down every year when it dries out and did this week. One of the points going into the renovated room was in steel conduit at one point, went into a wall, then came out as modern 3 core. In the fusebox, all of the earths were gathered and soldered to a brass bolt, which wan then itself earthed. Got a few sections still in the garage (decommissioned), so will snap some pics on the weekend as I rip it out.
Tiles in, electrician in tomorrow, and gas plumber probably Tuesday. Need to decide on paint, and floor.
we've got a shop in next town called "The Good Guys", that are very flexible. They knocked $180 off the price when I found the same hood on ebay. Anyone indterested, the stove is a "Belling Richmond 90cm", gas cooktop, electric oven(s) - all three of them.
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Won't post original kitchen shots until we've tidied it's nutz ATM
I think Pablo was asking for the "before" shots, meaning what it used to look like before you even started working on it.
Was worried that it would be hot in there, on the North (equator is North of here), so insulated the walls (R2) false cieling (R3.5)...painting the cieling is way more comfortable than in the rest of the house with 10' ceilings. Something else that makes our little box of a home feel larger is the view out the window from the prep area and sink.
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