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Aug 12, 2002
CT;f=48;t=000027 I posted in the test forum some sample formats. Something I've always wanted was a standard format for uoa #'s that are posted there. Would make it much easier and fun looking at and comparing posts, and running a uoa trend on the same piece of equipment. At least that's my opinion. What do you think? Actually, I'll just post the format here so you can see it now. The way I like to see it, and it's open for discussion, is wear elements broken into one section, additives in another, etc. For me with my engine, Copper is always high so I have it at the top followed directly after with Iron and Lead the other two big wear elements. Because not everyone uses the same lab, some folks will have different numbers listed on their reports, like blackstone vs wearcheck vs dyson. So what I did was just include all the elements that I've seen reported. And if you don't have a specific number listed on your report, just leave the hyphen '-' as a placeholder to indicate not available or doesn't apply. In the format, the 'x' would indicate a field that should be filled in. I also tried to keep it simple so it would be easy to use. The best way i've found is to use the ubb-code feature. What you can do is quote off my sample posts and copy the text inbetween and including the code indicator lines, then paste it into microsoft word. Set font to courierPS, it is a standard uniform width font, which is key. In there you can set up column spacing so it looks nice and copy and paste from word back into bitog and preserve the column spacing. And if you don't have MS word, you can also just quote off the sample format that's all blanked out, copy and paste it into your post then just fill in the hyphen and x marks. I know, I have too much time on my hands. Actually I don't, I'm just bad at prioritzing [Big Grin]
date sample taken    xx/xx/0x
time on oil          x months
miles on oil            x
miles on engine         x
car/engine              x

    oil                 x
   fuel                gas diesel
 makeup oil             x
    lab                 x

                                Univ Avgs (optional)
   Copper                -              -
    Iron                 -              -
    Lead                 -              -
  Silicon                -              -
  Aluminum               -              -
    Tin                  -              -
  Chromium               -              -
   Nickel                -              -
 Manganese               -              -
  Titanium               -              -
   Silver                -              -

 Molybdenum              -              -
 Magnesium               -              -
   Boron                 -              -
    Zinc                 -              -
 Phosphorus              -              -
  Calcium                -              -
   Sodium                -              -
 Potassium               -              -
   Barium                -              -

  vis@100C cSt           -              -
  vis@210F SUS           -              -
    TBN                  -              -
Insoluable %             -              -
    Fuel                 x              -
   Water                 x              -
 antifreeze              x              -
    Soot                 -              -
   Sulfur                -              -
 Oxidation               -              -
 Nitration               -              -
 Anti-wear               -              -
Flashpoint(F)            x              -

all i did here was go to my post in the test forum, quote off it, then do a straight copy and paste from there into here. I've also found out if the code text is miniature in the web browser, what you do for Mozilla firefox is go to view menu, text size and either select normal or increase. Same goes for explorer, select either medium or larger.
Not bad ..and thanks for the tip on Firefox!! Now I don't need to tilt my head back for my varilux to allow me to read. [Wink]
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