My Baby's Last Day with the Summer Shoes!

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May 25, 2005
Calgary Canada
Blizzacks are going on tomorrow. Made it to December 12th with summer tires, (and the liberal use of my pick-up)....all in all, not a bad winter so far!  -
Jim 5, Stunning Bimmer and equally stunning wheels...I surely hope it drinks only GC. PS A guy tried to talk me into snow tires for our A6 Quattro but after two winters it doesn't seem to need has Pirelli P Zero Mud and Snows on it now.
Thanks for the compliments. Pscholte - you'll be pleased to know that only GC courses though this baby's veins. My friend's A4 quattro has blizzacks and it's unstoppable in the winter. The blizzacks do make a difference in the winter, but a half ton 4x4 is even better! The BMW gets maybe 1500 miles in the winter. Mori - The lathe is on straight 30 wt. It's a '60's American made Clausing with a Baldor variable frequency drive. My dad likes to restore older good quality lathes. Once they're perfect, he doesn't know what to do with it..(has several "keepers") so he needs to make room for the next one! This one arrived at my house in the back of his toyota pick up one time he was visiting for the weekend. He drove 120 miles with the toyota on the axles.
Nice car...silver is the best! I got a liitle scar from one of those lathes in high school metalshop. I was trying to get the chuck off and it wouldn't budge so I leaned on the bar with some body weight and of course it suddenly comes loose. I sort of punched the rail and a 1/4" flap of skin turned up showing bone on the first knuckle on the left pinkie. Its funny watching hot, metal shavings fly down the back of someone's shirt, too. [Big Grin]
is that a 330 ci? very nice...did you have that much of wheel-well gap with the original wheels, too?...or is it just the angle? I like this previous body-style a LOT better than the latest one.
for me, the 330ci is the favorite, and i hope someday when we're out of school, i can aquire one of the previous body styled ones with low mileage... yeah, a pity that the 3-series don't have v8's, but I personally won't enjoy a 4-door car as much as the 330ci... which years had this body style? 2001-2003?
Yup, the 330ci became available in 2001, and as a matter of fact, it is still being sold (2006) in the same body style (E46) because so far only the sedan got redesigned. Curious what the new ci body will look like...
Yes, it's a 330ci. It is a bad angle, and the wheel gap on the front looks kind of large. In normal conditions it looks the same as the back. I'm not sure what is going on in this photo, because this car has the sport suspension which is 1/2" lower than non-sport. I'm with you on the body style....I'm not too fond of some of the new BMW styling. I'm considering lowering springs, but am still at the point where I'm wondering whether I should do anything to the car. I am feeling something strange lately and I think it's an "itch" for a 5 series with a v8.
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