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Sounds like snake oil to me. And it's only available in 10w40 and 15w50, two viscosities that almost no car maker specifies!
I read about this product in an article by Phil Bailey at Read it at . In the article, Phil states that he has been running this stuff in his vehicle for several years and had done some UOA on it which showed him the product was holding up over long drain intervals.

So I've been running several different popular synthetics in my 97 Merc Villager for the life of the vehicle (130,000 Km). I decided to buy motrlube and give it a try and have had it in my engine for about 6000 Km now. I have not noticed any drivability improvements but I'm not exactly running a performance application. I have noticed an average of 10% increase in fuel milage and this in winter. Critics would say that this can't be, but I've always kept detailed records on gas milage and this result even amaised me.

IMO improved milage can only mean reduced internal friction and that goes hand in hand with reduced wear. There are a couple of posts in these forums about this product, all positive so far. I'll be running it for 16,000 Km and then do a UOA which I will post.

Note to Patman - some snake oils do work.
I'm surprised that not more members of this forum have given this product a look. I'm no expert, but the basic technology of the product (POA Base) seems to go right along with many other synthetics. It seems like if there is not a Billion $ corporation like Mobile, QS or Castrol behind it then its not worth a look. Oh well, I'm happy with it so far and will submit that UOA when I've said which will tell the truth about this product.

If anyone else has tried it, I would like to hear your comments!!!
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