Fusion PHEV - 2 Yr OCI...Hybrid 1 Yr OCI - Why is that?

May 21, 2023
Not sure anyone would have the answer short of a Ford engineer but...

How is it that the OCI for the Plug-in version is two years when everything else I have read about oil says one year max and even the same engine car non plug-in hybrid has the light come on at one year?

Interestingly, it says to check the oil filter every 12 months for the PHEV.

I got to thinking about this in regards to my boat and summer cars that I just can't bring myself to drain out synthetic oil that only has a couple hundred miles on it - every single year. So I went two years.

Is it really that bad to go two years on synthetic oil?


The difference between traditional hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles is that plug-in hybrid vehicles can be driven using nothing but electric power at least for short distances. With a plug-in hybrid you can charge up overnight and may knock out your commute without using the ICE at all. Traditional hybrids don’t offer the ability to travel without the use of the ICE for extended periods.

So I guess the algorithms and schedule account for each designs use of the ICE which make sense.

Aside: I don’t have an issue dumping oil on a time based schedule. The engine’s longevity is my main concern. Not whether or not I am getting every last bit of “use” out of the motor oil.
I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Oil life is more related to how much fuel is used(this is primary)engine power and sump capacity than time. But it is still important to do all the other maintenance
I drive a 2017 Ford C-Max Energi with a drive train identical to your Fusion. After 17 months and 15K miles of driving it has burned only 125 gallons of gas. If you compare that to a conventional 40 MPG ICE or hybrid vehicle the oil has seen only 5K miles of actual driving. Two years or 20K miles don't seem at all unreasonable for the way I drive my vehicle. Here'a UOA for this vehicle.

One thing I would suggest is that you always run the car in either EV or EV Later modes; do not use the Auto mode. This will minimize the number of start/stop cycles and prevent you from putting a heavy load on a cold engine. If you put your foot into in while running in Auto mode the engine will start and deliver whatever you ask of it.
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