Mother's Reflections Premium Polish

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Feb 3, 2006
I was rummaging through my Polish & Wax stash..... Found a 7 year old bottle of "Mother's Reflections Premium Polish". I put it on a section on my 2000 Saturn and it looks & feels pretty good. Here's a bit of information about it: Mothers Reflections Premium Polish is packaged to give synthetic polish fans the hard-fast shine they want. Delivering a high-tech molecular combination of resins, polishes and conditioners, Premium Polish showcases Mothers' MET (Micro Encapsulation Technology). As you apply the Premium Polish, its molecules break apart and distribute the resin and conditioners, while the polish removes surface contaminants and minor blemishes that leave your paint dull and oxidized. As Premium Polish dries, the high-gloss resins and emollient conditioners bond with your paint and leave the polishing agents suspended, ready to be buffed away for a complete shine. #01116, Reflections® Premium Polish/Wax. This stuff is really thin, almost like 1% Milk. grin2 Did anyone ever use it?? Like it, or not so much?
I have used Mothers Reflections Wax, which is basically the same product as what you used, just with a newer (more accurate) label on the bottle. Their use of the term "polish" for the first version of their Reflections wax is unfortunate because it isn't really a polish - it's a cleaner wax. Granted, a cleaner wax will do some polishing itself, but I think it's still ill-advised to call a wax a polish and risk confusing the customers. But I digest... Yes, I have used it, and I was pleased with its performance...I have no complaints. Application and removal was easy (I used a DA polisher for both), and I liked the way it looked while in use. Its durability was better than the natural waxes I have on the shelf, but that is to be expected from any synthetic wax I suppose. If I had to find a drawback to that product, I would say it was its price point. I bought it OTC at a local auto parts store and paid $20 for it. Not that it wasn't worth $20, but I have used other synthetic waxes that cost less and provided the same performance.
The stuff isn't water thin. Sounds like it separated or the solid particles clumped up. When it gets to that point it's pretty much ruined, passed its shelf life. No amount of shaking will restore it.
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