My seasonal polish.

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I picked up my HD DA polisher at harbor freight for $70 pads are $5 there. Can't beat that.


The buffer is great, but their pads suck.

You got that right, I put that HF buffer to the test and ran it hard and often to see just how well it would hold up, it only died when one of my friends ran it over with my truck, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if I needed it. ; ) Perfect small cheap DA that gets the job done, with the proper pads and polishes though.
I'd still stick with Harbor Freight pads. They work pretty well, they just don't last as long because of their design. But quality wise most people who have actually used them would agree they're on about the same performance level as any other budget pads. To me they seem a complete clone of the cheaper buff and shine pads. They don't have special dimples and shapes cut into them but honestly I find those special shapes to contribute almost nothing to the pad other than raising the price.

Their blue polishing pad is quite firm and I don't think you'd need the yellow for anything but the most serious post wet sanding correction polish.

The black finishing pad is plenty soft for finishing polishes and waxing.

So basically if you're not detailing as a business they'll work fine with the caveat that they'll only last about a dozen or so polishes then the foam will start to rip from the loop material. This is especially true if you keep using the very high settings on the finishing pad as it's pretty soft, which you shouldn't be cranking up the speed on a finishing pad anyways.
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Buff & Shine pads work fairly well. My price on the B&S pads are about the same as the HF ones. Their orange pads work great for a single stage polish on soft paint -- tons of cut and can still finish well.

For MF, the Meguiars MF pads are the best you can get. They are very durable and I've found that the Finishing Disc can deliver more cut than a orange foam pad.
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