Most miles you had on a catalytic converter?

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266K on my 02 Camry's original cats. Given the car's current oil use (1K miles/qt.), though, they may be living on borrowed time.
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277k on our 02 Camry when we traded it. It would pop the P0420 code every so often, then it would go away. No testing in my locale.
All of the vehicles in my sig have the original converters, but the BMW is OBDI so I really don't know if those are working or not. I've seen inside them and they are still intact and haven't overheated or anything, so I'm guessing they are.
227k on my Camry's cat. I had the one on my Jeep replaced last year, it was broken inside and rattling around. It was dented on the bottom so I bottomed it out off-road at some point that probably broke it.
Never done the cat converter on a car. Never had a car that burned a lot of oil, so that could have helped.
I saw a video on YouTube from Scotty Kilmer and he washed a catalytic converter with soap an water. Is this effective at prolonging the life of converter ?
My '88 Accord still passed the treadmill emissions test by a wide margin at 20 y.o. and 220K miles, before I sold it.
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