More failures?

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Honda can't design an automatic transmission to save their lives. ..OTOH the tranny in our old old 1990 Integra many moons ago had just started slipping at 203,000, with no servicing done whatsoever while we owned it (120k-203k)
my tranny hasn't failed yet; but does act peculiarly on occasion-shifts at odd times, makes noise when engaging drive or reverse at times. when the fluid is due for changing, I'll suck up my pride and let the dealer do the change-if the problems persist or get worse, they'll get it back to fix.
Originally posted by cousincletus: Are there band adjustments on this transmission? Dodge had a problem w/its older transmissions if the band adjustments weren't done.
There isn't even a serviceable pan on these units. You drain the fluid from the case housing.
Honda transmissions do not have bands like most manufacturers. In fact, inside they look more like manual transmissions rather than automatics. Also, there is no good way to drain the torque converter either. The Honda protocol is 3-4 partial drain/fill cycles. Pathetic, IMHO. (Or is it arrogant/optimistic?) Insufficient oil capacity/flow (which causes high temps) and undersized clutch packs seem to be the popular diagnoses. Our '03 Odyssey is okay so far, but I'm worried. I've switched to Specialty Formulations' Z1-equivalent to help with fluid temp capacity, and have added an aftermarket trans cooler. I have replaced the teeny ATF filter that Honda put on, and am planning an extra spin-on filter as well.
Heard they're going to a 4-shaft transmission design in 2007 for the TL too.
Seems like Honda will jump through any and all hoops to avoid designing a conventionally configured planetary gearset A/T. And, to what end? Stubborn corporate pride?
These aren't isolated problems. The problems are rather well-known among Acura owners. My sister had her Acura transmission go after 80K. Honda installed a new transmission for free.
6th gens. are probably the worse. Surprised to here about some problems with the 7th gen. However in Honda's defense, we are talking about TWO transmissions out of how many thousands were sold???? Can't say that I'd bet the farm on this one. It also depends on how people drive.
Again - I can't cite the source - but I read that this problem is more than isolated, and it is rather well-known that the Acura transmissions are prone to failure... so much that Honda is taking care of these problems out of warranty. This is rather remarkable for a manufacturer to do so.
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