Mobilith AW 1 Equivalent

Jul 5, 2006
Edmonton, AB
Mobilith AW 1 is recommended by a mfr for lubrication of change gears on a lathe, but MAW1 is only available to me in a 33 lb (15 kg) pail. Also, I have been advised that MAW1 has been discontinued (in Canada) and will NLBA once current stock is depleted. Research suggests that MAW1's combination of
  • 260ºC Dropping Point and
  • 150 cSt @ 40º C Viscosity
makes it unusual among multi-use normal temperature Li-Complex greases - at least the ones that are available to me at the retail consumer level. A) Imperial Oil/Exxon suggested Esso Unirex EP 1, but the viscosity is numerically 50% higher
  • 280ºC Dropping Point and
  • 220 cSt @ 40º C Viscosity
B) Another lathe mfr calls for Shell Alvania RA. Details for RA have not been found and it may be NLA. Instead, I have found the following details for Alvania EP 1. This has a lower Dropping Point, but the same cSt. (A-EP2 is available locally, but I have yet to locate A-EP1.)
  • 200ºC Dropping Point and
  • 150 cSt @ 40º C Viscosity
C) Timken offers their Multi-Use Lithium Grease EP1. This product is readily available but it has the lowest Dropping Point.
  • 177ºC (350ºF)Dropping Point and
  • 146 cSt @ 40º C Viscosity
Of the two criteria, my perception is that the Dropping Point of all the choices exceeds the requirements of the application (lathe change gear lubrication.) Viscosity seems more important for lubricating spur gears in ambiant temps of 50-70ºF and the Timken's 146 cSt is felt to put it at an advantage compared to the Unirex's 220 cSt. Is the reasoning favouring Timken's viscosity over Unirex sound for this application? Is the assumption valid that a Dropping Point of 177ºC/350ºF is adequate for the application? Is there a close equivalent to Mobilith AW 1 that is readily available in cartridge form? .
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