Mobil,Exxon,or Chevron?

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Feb 28, 2003
Cajun Country, La.
Advance auto parts has Mobil drive clean and Exxon Superflo on sale for $1.08 a quart.This store is 2 miles from my house.Ten miles further is a Wal-Mart that sells Chevron Supreme for $1.14 a quart.I usually use Chevron Supreme 10W30.Is the Mobil or Exxon as good or better then the Chevron? Or is the Chevron worth the drive? [I dont know]
Do a search and look at some used oil analysis, all of these oils are represented. My choice would be to keep using the Chevron since that is working for you and you are bound to make a trip to wallyworld sooner or later.
You should be able to do better pricewise on the superflo... it pops up on sale at $.69 at places like RiteAid. Sounds like you need an "oil shrine"... [Smile]
Some people on this site get excellent results with the mobil drive clean. I think this would be a good choice for the price. I think Mobil is an excellent brand but chevron is excellent also. I have never felt good about the Exxon brand. Gas that knocks like crazy is one reason.
Mobil Drive clean 1.17 @quart Wally World Chevron Supreme 1.14@quart Wally World Exxon .89 @quart on clearence Wally World
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