Mobil Drive Clean Plus

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Mar 6, 2003
College Station, Texas
I'm running the Drive Clean Plus 10w30 in my 5.7L Suburban right now, hoping to stop an small oil leak. I'll run it 4,000 miles. Valvoline MaxLife stopped a leak nicely in my Silverado which I sold last I figured I'd try another high mileage oil. I won't be doing an analysis, though...I'd rather go through two changes before I do....and I have a case of Chevron Delo to go through before then.
Does anybody have any information or VOA and UOA data on Mobil Drive Clean Plus? I used Mobil 1 this winter but I was thinking about using Mobil Drive Clean Plus the rest of the year. It is a fairly new formulation (a blend) that has some synthetic. And since it comes from Exxon/Mobil Corporation I figured there would be real synthetic mixed into it. It is supposed to have twice the additives of regular Mobil Drive Clean. I have heard all kinds of stuff about Mobil Drive Clean. Some people say it burns off too easily and others say that it works great. This newer Mobil oil goes beyond Mobil Drive Clean and has some synthetic. There are two viscosities. There is a 5W-30 Mobil Drive Clean Plus for newer cars and a 10W-30 Mobil Drive Clean Plus for older cars/trucks that might use some oil and have some engine wear. The 10W-30 is kind of like these high mileage motor oils.
Hmmmm don't know about the "NEW" retail stuff. My GM dealer has pumped a Mobil Synthetic Blend for several years as standard on most cars. He uses M1 as required. My old lady has used it in her Caddy and it seems to be fine. Maybe it actually helps with consumption?? It doesn't seem to consume this and it's know to be thirsty.
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